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30+ Free Icons Set for Photoshop – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Icons can be quite helpful when it comes to Photoshop. You can convey any idea or concept using the relevant icon.

However, it is sometimes complicated to find a set of appropriate items. Also, they might be quite expensive. That is why we decided to share with you 30+ free icons sets for Photoshop. Let’s overview these sets:

1. Free Social Media Icon Set Template in PSD +AI, EPS

Look at this set of social media icons. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, YouTube – there are all the existing social networks. No need to choose one or two icons – catch the opportunity to grab the whole set.

2. Seafood flat icons big set Free Vector

If you are working on promoting a seafood restaurant or making a book about marine inhabitants, this seafood flat icons set will come in handy for you. Each icon is made in a different color which makes it look real.

3. Free Real Estate Icons Template in PSD + AI, EPS

Real estate icons can help you boost sales because they convey the concept faster than words. To put it another way, you can use each item to illustrate your words or help a potential client to visualize their dream home.

4. Isometric cash icons set with bank safe wallet currency bag of gold coins money tree piggy bank bitcoins isolated Free Vector

These icons will come in handy if you are creating an online banking or explaining the process of taking a loan. Also, you can use this set to make a step-by-step guide on how to open a deposit or exchange currency.

5. Free Christmas Icons Set in EPS + PSD

This set of Christmas icons is made in black and white which looks unordinary and unexpected. Although people are used to bright colors in Christmas symbols, these items perfectly convey the atmosphere of the holiday.

6. App icon set flat Free Vector

Check out this set of app icons. These items are going to help you make a presentation or convey the concept of a particular application. Make sure to choose the right app icons for your purposes.

7. Free Weather Icons Set in EPS + PSD

This weather icon set is advantageous if you are preparing a forecast. However, it also comes in handy if you need to make a publication or a guide.

8. CRM round icons set Free Vector

Whether you work as a marketer or personal consultant, these round icons will help you better explain yourself. Just choose an icon and use it to illustrate your point.

9. Free Email Icons Set in EPS + PSD

Consider using these email icons set in EPS or PSD format. It looks quite official as it is designed in blue and white. You can apply this set to make the presentation more interesting and up-to-date.

10. Free Space Icons Set

This set will help you make a presentation on astronomy or physics. Also, feel free to use that if you want to be more creative in your projects.

11. Free Emoji Icons in PSD +AI, EPS

These emoji icons look extremely cute so you do not need a special reason to use them. This set will help you dilute the seriousness of your presentation or project and connect with your audience.

12. FREE – Signika icon set

This icon set looks usual but extremely stylish. Keep in mind that you can edit each item using Photoshop. There is no need to worry about the color or layout.

13. Free Business Icons Set in EPS + PSD

You do not have to be a businessman to use this icon set. Whether you are a student or a manager, such icons are going to come in handy for you.

14. Editable icons set. Free download | Icon set

This icons set includes all the necessary icons for an average Internet user. Check out this set to find enough icons in the relevant design.

15. Free Instagram Story Icons Set in EPS + PSD

This set will be interesting for active Instagram users. If you want to improve your stories, make sure to check out the following items. Made in black, white, and pale pink, it looks cute and sweet.

16. Free Origami Icon Set

Did you miss origami? This icon set perfectly conveys the atmosphere of childhood. Each icon is made in black and is placed on the yellow background.

17. Free Gluten Stickers in EPS + PSD

Gluten-free products have already become usual for most of the people. Therefore, this gluten sticker set can help you promote a café or particular products. It is free and easy to customize.

18. Free Icons Collection

These icons are simple and multipurpose so everybody can use them. They might be extremely useful for café owners or SMM specialists.

19. Free Shipping Vector Icon Set in EPS + PSD

Need to promote a shipping company? Check out this free shipping vector icon set. All the way 30 icons are yours to command.

20. Cute Free Icons Set

This icons set also needs your attention as it looks adorable. Each item is made in black, white, and yellow. Of course, do not forget to customize the icons to your liking.

21. Free_Holidays_Icons_Template in PSD +AI, EPS

It is always the right time to think about the upcoming holidays. Here are 20 free holiday icons you can use for the promotional campaigns. They are available in all the 3 different formats.


Happy St. Valentine’s Day to everybody! Do not neglect to use this Valentine icon set in red and white. As usual, it is absolutely free so you can download the set right away.

23. 25 Free Coronavirus Icon Set Template in EPS + PSD

Here are 25 coronavirus icons to help you develop this subject. Although almost everybody is already tired of this topic, such icons will not leave people indifferent.

24. Pandemic Icons – FREE

Do you like hand-drawn icons? Anyway, this pandemic icons set is worth your attention. Make sure to pick up the appropriate icons for your presentation.

25. Free Financial Icons Template in PSD +AI, EPS

Here is the opportunity to use financial icons templates for free. You can use either black and white or color versions. Keep in mind that you can edit each icon the way you like.

26. Apple’s Native 62pcs Apps Icons for FREE Download

These Apple Icons draw attention from the first seconds. You can edit and customize the whole set to make it the perfect match. Everything is 100% free.

27. Free Travel Icons Templates

Here are a lot of travel icons templates in different versions. You can use them to make a travel guide or create an appropriate presentation design.

28. Free Icon Set COVID-19

Check out these icons on the COVID-19 topic. All you need is to define the message of your article and pick up the right icons.

29. Free Coffee Icon Set Template in PSD +AI, EPS

These coffee icons will come in handy if you need to promote a café or coffee shop. They are made in hand-drawn design which looks fresh and extraordinary.

30. Free Icon Set Collection – Download Pack

This icon set collection is waiting for your attention. It consists of 200 free icons for all possible purposes. Do not forget to edit these icons the way you wish.

We hope you like this collection of free icons set for Photoshop. Keep in mind that every set is absolutely free to edit and download. You just need to define your message and target audience. Therefore, you will pick up the right icons set for Photoshop. If you want to see more such icons, make sure to visit websites such as: Free-Psd-Templates.com, Pinterest, Dribble, Behance. Stay tuned!