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Temp Agency Toronto: Updating Your Resume during Career Change

by Nebojša Vujinović

Temp Agency: How to Update Your Resume When Switching Careers

According to the temp agency, career change is inevitable at some point. There comes a time when you feel you want to transition in your career. The current coronavirus pandemic has seen many people getting laid off, or furloughed. As a result, people have started thinking of other ways to earn a livelihood from their hobbies, side hustles, while others are trying to venture into new fields. When switching your career, you need to have a relevant resume for the positions you are eyeing. So, whether you want to work virtually or in a physical setup, here are a few things you can do on your resume to land jobs in your new path easily. Apply now to have your resume customized.

Create a resume website

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According to a job agency expert, a resume should be short, ideally one page for entry-level job seekers and two pages for those with experience. Having an online presence is something you should consider. In this space, there is no limit to how you represent your experience. A resume website can help you show potential employers your achievements, skills, and other abilities. When creating a resume website focus on:


Mostly, you will find a job agency has a template it uses for resumes. You can opt for that or use templates provided by the platform you choose to design your website resume on. It helps you have a neat and professional resume that will impress potential employers. It can be very important detail if you pay more attention to the design of the template and how you will highlight some important information

What you want to do

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A website resume allows you to write about what you are planning to be doing, not only your experience. An ‘about’ page is excellent for expressing your plans. This is the part where you can highlight your motives for getting a certain job, to describe your expectations from it, and how can you improve your professional career with that position.

Create different pages

A website resume does not restrict you how much you should write like in a page resume. You can create separate pages for your resume, which makes it look appealing and interesting to navigate. Do not mix your portfolio with your personal and contact information. Let every bit have its page. If you have a lot of experience, be sure to highlight those positions that are at least similar as the job that you are applying for. That might lead the interviewer to be more interested in asking more questions and give you a higher score that increases your chances to get a job.

Highlight transferable skills

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When transitioning into a new career path, it is challenging to convince an employer you are the right fit. Often, hiring managers want people with experience to fill vacant roles. The best way to handle this problem is by considering some of the skills you have and show the job agency how they can be handy in the position. You can find the type of skills required in that role by looking at the job boards to determine common skills highlighted by recruiters. Use them on your resume to give you more chances for landing that job. It is important to show that you are flexible, and that it won’t be a problem for you to adapt to new ambient and some things that might be unique in a particular company.

Pick the right format

There are several ways you can write your resume. The common one is the chronological resume. Other formats include hybrid and functional resumes. A chronological resume is preferred by hiring managers because they get to understand what roles you have played, places you have worked, and skills applied. When transitioning, a chronological resume may not do you good because it will not match the job you want. Consider a hybrid resume, which allows you to highlight your skills first while experience comes later. That way, you will start by providing details about your working experience at jobs that are similar to the one that you are applying for.

Write a resume summary

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Write a summary at the top of your resume regardless of the format you choose. It is a very important section for people transitioning careers. Here is where you show your ambitions, skills, and your relevance in the available position. You can do that even if you are applying to some position for the first time. Your qualification and previous experience might lead to promotion and new steps in your career and professional development.

Add important keywords

Nowadays, having an ATS-friendly resume is a requirement. A job agency and employers use these tools to help them scan through hundreds of applications to only remain with a handful. Look for the keywords mostly used on the job posts and incorporate them on your resume. Tip: avoid stuffing your resume with keywords to ensure you maintain its relevance and remain professional.

Align all your content

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If you decide to have a profile across different platforms such as LinkedIn, resume website, and Twitter, ensure your information is consistent. When someone searches your profile, they should get similar profile information across all the platforms, which makes it easier for hiring managers to know about you easily. Also, you should know that many recruiters will take a look on your social media as well. Therefore, be sure to have avoid profile photos that are not discrete to show that you keep some status even in private life. There are many agencies that are contacting people over Facebook and Instagram, and you might get lower chances to pass the first circle because of some improper post, picture, or video.

Last words

As you can see, there are all sorts of factors that can be important in a resume. The main issue is that some tiny details that you were not aware of could play a big role, especially in moments when recruiters are checking resumes for potential candidates. It is crucial to create one in a proper form to increase your chances to get invited for an interview.
Moreover, it is important, to be honest, and to express yourself in the right way. A lot of people are struggling when they need to have this type of conversation, but you will get better over time. The best way to prepare yourself is to create a list of things that you want to highlight about yourself and explain what is your real motivation to apply for a certain job. The competition is always high, especially when it comes to lower positions. In that matter, you should work on your communication skills as well since they can be crucial as well. You first resume is always the most complicated one. However, you want have so many issues if you start updating with your experience more often. Therefore, whenever you get a new promotion or learn a new skill, find a way to add that information in your resume. That way, it will be much easier for you to apply for something completely new in your career. A successful career switch is possible if you impressively present your resume.