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4 Things to Consider When Buying Underwear – 2024 Guide

by Nina Smith

People often think that buying underwear is an easy and effortless act. It’s seen as something we do not need to put much thought into and as soon as we get used to buying a specific product, we stick to it. However, there is more to it than that.

When buying underwear, you need to consider all sorts of things from size, material to style, colour and pattern. This is particularly important as it is worn every day, all day, right next to your skin. If your underwear is not perfect, then activities throughout the day can be difficult to complete to the best of your ability as you could be uncomfortable or unaware that you could be more comfortable. So, although it is worn underneath your clothes, it is just as important for comfort and confidence to buy the right underwear.

Things to consider when buying underwear:

1: Different kinds of Underwear material

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The first thing one should think about when buying underwear is the material. This varies way more than most people think. You can have all sorts of materials from cotton to nylon to polyester. Cotton is best for people who may have sensitive skin as it reduces surface abrasion and limits irritation, especially under heavier clothes such as jeans and joggers. Cotton is also quite lightweight and therefore best for wearing multiple layers.

However, for style, cotton is not so good. In this case, you may consider an alternative such as nylon or polyester as the sleekness and shine of the material makes colours and designs pop. This makes the underwear worth your money! Furthermore, cotton tends to be better for sleeping due to its softness and breathability whilst nylon and polyester are better for outdoor activities. This is particularly true for activities such as hiking or camping as they tend to be easier to clean and dry than cotton underwear.

As a general rule, the softer the material, the less likely it will withstand lots of activity and last long. It is worth trying different kinds of materials (if you haven’t already) to see what works best for you and the activities you tend to engage in. Thus, owning a variety of materials can help ensure you are comfortable in any given situation.

2: What are the main styles of men’s underwear available?

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This is an underrated consideration when shopping for men’s underwear. The two most common styles of men’s underwear are briefs and boxer shorts. Often people will only buy briefs or only buy boxer shorts and believe themselves happy with either one. However, the best option would be to have some of either kind. This is because briefs tend to be tighter and better suited for certain activities and under certain, tighter clothing. For example, briefs are often recommended for sporting activities and exercise as it provides more support than boxer shorts.

On the other hand, boxer shorts are looser and therefore are better suited for comfort and breathability when sleeping. Some companies even provide a boxer-brief hybrid that is a medium between the two styles. These can be useful in some cases. But more often than not, you should be careful with these as they tend to promise the best of both worlds, whilst lacking in the support of briefs and the comfort of boxer shorts.

Like I mentioned with material, it is best to try out different styles to see what is best suited for your own day-to-day lifestyle.

3: Why does sizing matter so much?

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Different stores can have different variations in sizes and what the sizes mean; a medium in one store may not always be a medium in another store. If you are used to buying from a specific company or store, it is worth trying similar sizes in other stores and from other brands. This will give you the chance to find not only the right size for you, but the right brand or store for you too. Sizing goes hand in hand with material and style. A medium size of boxer shorts may provide better comfort than a medium size of briefs. By keeping an open mind and trying different options, you are more likely to find the right underwear to fit you and your needs.

4: Aesthetic style and design

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The style and size and material of underwear are all important. What is often overlooked, however, is the aesthetic style and design. This is produced through a variety of colours and patterns. You need the right aesthetic style that makes you feel confident. These days, a lot of underwear companies like bawbags.com focus on providing a variety of styles, patterns and colour schemes.

Looking at a range allows you to find something to fit your personality and character. Finding underwear that fits you physically is just as important as one that fits you personally. If you are used to buying plain underwear, consider changing this up and see what you can find.

However, it is important to note that having bright colour schemes and eccentric patterns may not always be the best for certain outfits. For example, for lighter colours trousers with lighter materials such as linen, bright boxers may show through and not provide the confidence that your boxers should bring you. In this case, neutral colours and plain designs would be best.

People are often under the impression that underwear being a necessity means we should only buy the cheapest available option. When actually, as it is a daily necessity, it is important to consider which one is best for you (in terms of material, style, size and design) and be willing to spend a little more on them. This is because they will last longer and provide a better experience if you have given your purchase more thought.

Overall, it is best to consider owning different kinds of underwear and boxer shorts in order to have something available fit for any occasion or activity on any day.