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6 Tips How You Should Wear Leopard Print Without Looking Trashy – 2024 Guide

by William Gist

Patterns and prints take any basic look up a notch. Whether it’s normal checkered patterns or an excessive splash of colors, patterns will always just enliven any basic outfit. But hey, you know what’s better than cute patterns? Sassy patterns!

Designs like leopard prints are always associated with bold personalities and that’s hands down the best accessory to have. However, how do we know where to draw the line between bold and trashy? Let’s see.

1.   Baby steps

img source: endource.com

Leopard prints are an overpowering trend. If you are new to it and don’t wish to go completely wild, you can try to begin with baby steps. That means, add up a little of the print in mini accessories for your look. Keep your look otherwise basic and add a leopard printed belt or a handbag to be the highlight of this look.

It would also be a great idea to add leopard print accessories to a monochrome outfit from the same color palette. For example, black or brown outfits paired with a leopard print belt or handbag. Visit www.sanctuaryclothing.com to shop for the perfect look!

2.   No Layering

Remember that we don’t want to overdo the look here. You cannot and absolutely can NOT put leopard print on leopard print. Whether it’s a pant on top or jacket on top or any other clothing combination with animal prints, it is a strict no-no. Using two little leopard print accessories on a basic look is still okay and to some extent balances the look, but wearing two pieces of animal printed clothing? Never.

You can keep it subtle by turning just one of the garments into a leopard print one. So plain pants, a plain top, a printed jacket can be an example here.

3.   Makeup Matters

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What kind of makeup you put on after you wear the leopard print matters a lot. A bold red lip does go well with the leopard print but it’s your call to assess the surroundings you are about to enter. If you are getting ready for a party then, by all means, have your fun with the look but if you are about to go for a professional meeting or a family trip, it will be best to keep the look toned down.

Keep in mind that even the leopard print is a combination of solid colors and especially, tan solids. It can never be too much unless you make it go wrong. You can say that the print contains brown, black, and khaki colors. So you can always just choose any nude lipsticks or chocolate brown shades to go with your leopard print clothing. Keep your makeup subtle and go for a no-makeup makeup look for professional settings and you’ll be right on track!

4.   Sexy but not trashy

So here is the fine line between sexy and trashy. Remember that the leopard print is already considered to be a sign of sensuousness and femininity. So if you go overboard with the size and shape of clothing then it might be a little over the line.

Ensure that you choose clothes that are not too tight-fitting or revealing. If you’re looking for a top, go for a loose fit with sleek full sleeves or a simple shoulder sleeves round neck. Don’t go too much into tanks and crops or even v-necks. Even if you look for dresses, try to get those designs in leopard prints that don’t accentuate your curves or don’t show much skin.

If you look for a skirt or jeans, make sure it doesn’t show much skin and is a little loose fit. It is always a good idea to go for relaxed lines in the patterns rather than ones with tight cramped up lines as these give an illusion of the clothing being tighter than it is.

5.   Balance it out

img source: glaminati.com

Who said you can’t rock a complete leopard print look? Of course, you can! You just need to balance it the right way. The first thing you need is… oozing confidence. No look can look good on you unless you feel comfortable and confident in the outfit. So only if you feel like it, you can go into complete leopard print clothing but still maintain all the other rules above.

Wondering how? Just go for a short flowy dress in leopard print. Keep everything else neutral in nude or black shades. Match all your accessories, shoes, handbags, and even your nails in one color so your outfit alone becomes the highlight. This way, we also balance the striking pattern with the solids from everything else.

6.   The ‘Extra’ Look

If you want to wear the trend on fleek then go for the ‘extra’ look! Pair your basic looks with a leopard faux fur coat or leopard print high heels. Add a bit of glamour to your looks with these combinations. If you are uncomfortable with heels then you can also go for flats. Make your outfit sassy with as many leopard-printed accessories as you can get.

Nonetheless, we’re still following the above tips. So, no layering. You can use excessive or tightly fitted prints, but only on one garment piece. If you think you can carry it, feel free to mix it up with some other primary patterns. For example, a straight-lined tight-fit black dress paired with a leopard print jacket and leopard print accessories. Truly extra, isn’t it?

Final words

Being confident in your outfits is the way to carry any color or any pattern. If you don’t feel like yourself in leopard prints, then it’s just not your type! Trends are just what everybody else is doing and you can always choose to be unique! At the same time, what harm can it do to try out something you’ve never tried before? So don’t worry, and step onboard. Follow these tips and you’ll maintain a leopard print look that nobody else can beat!