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How to Wear 2019’s Color of the Year: Living Coral

by William Gist

Each year, all of us ladies who always need to be on-trend and in the know wait to hear about the color of the year.  We’re always hoping and dreaming that it’s something that works with our skin tone and makes up pop.  Throughout the year, Pantone searches the world for color influences. They consider pop culture, organic elements, the economy, fashion, art, and so much more.

According to Red Tulip Boutique, the color of the year has a significant influence on the coming year’s buying trends, curvy plus size boutique fashion trends, industry trends, and even graphic design. Every woman who wants to be on-trend absolutely needs to own a wardrobe full of the year’s most influential color. For 2019, this color was living coral.

Living Coral is a color that is bold and stands out in a crowd, while not being overpowering to the eye.  With the current social media climate, people are looking for things to pop.  Coral is a saturated color that does just that without being too harsh or overwhelming.  Let’s talk about some ways you can incorporate this color into your wardrobe, looking on-trend, fashionable, and of course, confidently handsome.

Wear Coral Accessories


We completely understand that some curvy women shy away from bright and bold color.  Some of us just really enjoy a more muted look and black is everything.  If you’re new to the world of color, choosing coral accessories over fabric is a great place to start.  Choose a coral statement bangle or necklace.  This will pop against a more subtle look and of course, keep you on-trend.

Pair with Gold


Coral is a beautifully stunning color that stands out and is perfect for just about every Summer look. Pair your coral pieces with gold elements for a glammed-up style. If you’re wearing a lighter-toned coral top, choose a bold gold skirt to pair it with or white bottoms and gold sandals.  The contrast will be gorgeously warm, and you’ll immediately have a beach-ready, island vibe about you

Complement with Turquoise


If you’re rocking a one-piece outfit or wearing multiple shades of coral to create one matching look, accessorize with turquoise.  Color theory suggests that colors completely opposite one another are pleasing together.  Coral and turquoise work together while being opposite one another just as orange and blue do.  If you’re looking for a color to break up these bold colors and have a more muted look, throw in a splash of grey.  All three will work well together, creating a beautifully composed look.

Wear with White


Coral and white will create a bold, Summery look.  The white immediately reminds you of Summer, while the coral makes you stand out with the perfect pop of bold color.  If you’re out for a beach day, consider a coral bikini with the white cover-up.  If you’re out for a lunch date, pair your coral dress with white sandals and a white purse, creating the perfect contrast.

Living coral is a beautiful color that works with all skin tones.  It is the perfect color that all curvy women can enjoy.  Follow our tips for the perfect pairings, and you’ll always be on-trend, fashionable, and of course, you’ll stand out in any crowd!