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Turn Your Home into a Chateau – Home Styling Tips from Katarina Van Derham

by William Gist

The grand European homes of the 16-19th centuries have been a design inspiration around the world for hundreds of years. The old-world architecture and décor, which reflects the nobility of the past eras, constantly make us wonder, “how the hell we’re all the details and craftmanship even possible without any technology?”

Recently, even celebrity artist Kat Von D couldn’t resist buying the Victorian house from “Cheaper By The Dozen” where just its ballroom with frescos makes the house look like a chateau.

With the array of extremely cheap and plain materials that lack imagination and creativity being offered these days, more and more people are looking back to their ancestors for inspiration to make their home look more homey and stylish without breaking the bank. Since everything is in detail, here are a few tips that will help your house look like your own personal chateau.

Forget white walls


The old world was all about rich tones and contrast. Whether your furniture is light or dark, deep red walls will immediately transform your living room into a royal suite. Traditional wallpaper works as well, however, I suggest you combine both. You can paint 3 walls one solid color and make the fourth wall your accent wall decorated with wallpaper.

Gold should be just an accent

While chateaus were known for drowning in gold, unless you own a real chateau, using too much gold could make your house look more like a Middle-Eastern hotel than a chateau. Now, I’m not talking about real gold. This could be items made of gold-looking materials or ones that have a similar finish.

Floral décor


Whether it’s floral drapes, floral wallpaper, or an actual faux floral arrangement, this is a very important element for every chateau. Flowers add a very romantic and feminine feel to any room, hallway or staircase, so don’t be afraid to add quite a few.

Queen’s makeup vanity

According to Katarina from Vivaglammagazine.com, If you’re a glam girl, you MUST HAVE a vanity section fit for a Queen. Ornate shapes and light colors will make you feel like Cinderella while you are brushing your hair.

Grand royal bed


You don’t have to build a canopy above your bed, but every chateau should have one. If you live in a small house or an apartment, instead, add a small bed crown with drapes to frame your headboard. I guarantee you won’t even want to leave your bed and will want to work from it.

Large ornate mirror


Mirrors, in general, are a great accessory for walls. However, if you want your place to look like a chateau, you have to make room for at least one grand mirror. This could be a free-standing mirror or a wall mirror. Free-standing tri-fold mirrors are great for bathrooms or dressing rooms.

Globe mini bar

You’ve seen that Globe-looking, bar-cart side table somewhere online or at a store. Chateaus were known for hosting frequent elaborate parties and balls. If you don’t have an actual bar in your place, buy one of those “Globes” to display your favorite wine and regal glasses.

Oil paintings


No chateau would look right without at least one oil painting. Again, this doesn’t have to be a real oil painting, which could cost you an arm and leg. A well-made replica on canvas will do the job. Just be sure you pick the right motive: floral, cherubs, a portrait, or even the known French Emperor Napoleon crossing the Alps.

The amazing thing about today’s modern world is that you can buy real antiques cheaper than you can buy an IKEA table. Don’t sacrifice who you are for trends that come and go. Create your own world that you can escape from your daily struggles. Re-decorating should be fun, so go for it, and create your own personal chateau.