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How to Make a Slideshow In Minutes

by Sinke Car

Video has become an effective element in a digital marketing strategy – and for a valid reason. As a visual species, we find videos more attractive, engaging, and memorable than any other content type. More than a storytelling and advertising media, video marketing has become a necessity.               

When it comes to business promotion, you can’t deny the fact that video marketing can take your business to a whole new level, if followed wisely. Business promotion is an active process which needs to be done continuously to send out your brand’s message loudly and clearly to attract and engage more and more audience. 


From social media advertising to influencer connectivity, offering viable video content has never been more essential when it comes to standing out from your competitors in this fast-paced industry. There are different video types out there and to create an effective video for your business promotion you need to have a deep understanding of your goal before starting video creation process. Marketing videos can take different forms such as an intro video, explainers, product demonstrations, presentations, slideshows, interviews, vlogs, and more. Video marketing involves a riveting digital marketing strategy to promote your business and convert your target audience into your regular customers.  

How Slideshow can Help You in Your Brand Promotion 

In the present time, sideshows are considered as one of the most trendy and well-liked online visuals. You probably see a number of sliders a day on several platforms while surfing the internet. Let’s know what exactly a slideshow is. 

A slide show is a show of pictures that appears on your website. It is a great method to perform everything from offering an above the fold call-to-action to keeping your users on your website an extra few seconds/minutes to boost SEO. A great presentation not only needs to be engaging and eye-catching, but it also needs to get your brand message across. There are several reasons to include them to your business marketing strategy. Here are some:

  • Simple to create
  • Easy to customize
  • Make your concept alive
  • Easy to digest
  • Improve your website visibility
  • Improve your website traffic
  • Capture business leads

Now, as you are aware of the importance of slideshows in your business promotion, why not to implement this strategy. Creating one is not as tough as you might be thinking. Give your audience a real visual feast by creating slideshow with Renderforest slideshow creator. It is an online slideshow maker that works directly in your browser. 

Regardless of your business type, Renderforest can be used as a fully customizable interface to create a slideshow for your brand. This user-friendly tool allows you to create interactive, informative and slick presentations in no time. You can experiment with different design features and layouts until you got the video that can deliver your brand message successfully to your target audience. Let’s talk about how to create a slideshow. 

Make a Slideshow on Renderforest

As mentioned above, creating professional presentation for your brand is an affair of a few clicks. No matter what kind of slides you are seeking to create (corporate, personal, real estate, etc.), this tool can help you create an outstanding video that suits your goals. This is one of the most demanding tools over the internet to make quality slideshows anytime. To create a high-quality and innovative presentation, all you need is – a list of high-end images related to your concept and relevant taglines to make it even more captivating.

Once you are ready with your idea, browse online portal to start the creation process. Steps to create an impressive presentation with this online tool:

  • First and foremost thing you need to build a creative video with Renderforest is – you must have an account on Renderforest.     
  • Login to your account, choose a template depending on your theme from “Slideshow”, and click on “Create Now” tab.     
  • After clicking the “Create Now” button, you will be redirected to the editor directly. On this page, you can upload images and write the relevant text you want to be displayed. 
  • The next tab you will find on the editing page is “Add Music”. You can select any track from music catalog or simply add your own music. You may also add your voice-over. 
  • Now, your project is ready. You may click on the ‘Preview’ tab to watch it. If you think it needs some changes, just click on the edit button to make required changes.       
  • Your project is saved in your account. You may reach your video any time by visiting “My Videos” page.

These steps depict that creating professional slideshows for your business with Renderforest in an easy and time-saving job. Simply, decide on a theme for your slideshow and turn it into a captivating slideshow automatically with inbuilt artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms of Renderforest. 

Once you’ve created your slideshow, you can publish it on your business website.  You can also publish it on famous online portals such as Speaker Deck and SlideShare to get high placement in search results and drive a considerable amount of desired traffic to your business website.  


Final Thoughts

It’s no surprise that video content marketing is the crux of results-oriented digital marketing strategy. It is a popular content form that is not going anywhere soon – and this statement makes sense. Today, video marketing is not limited to slapping videos on YouTube channels or building TV ads; in fact, it encompasses various forms and tactics. There are explain videos to educate, social videos to attract, emotional videos to engage, demos to convince people, testimonials to reassure, and many other video types that can help you build a strong video marketing strategy; everything leading to one primary goal – establishing a wildly successful brand.