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How To Choose The Best Plus Size Lingerie?

by Edvard Berlusconi

Pretty, new lingerie not only makes us feel comfortable, but it makes us feel beautiful. High-quality lingerie can do so much for our comfort and self-esteem, but only if it’s chosen properly. Some of us keep buying bras without actually knowing the right size and the right type of bras that suits us best. Sometimes they are comfortable, but not exactly flattering. Other times, they look amazing on us, but we can’t stand to wear them for longer than an hour. So, how to find that one bra that checks everything on our list? Are we truly asking for too much?

Find your bra size

It’s surprising how many women wear the wrong bra size for the majority of their lives. If the bra fits you perfectly, you will both look and feel good in it. Wrong-sized bra will not only be uncomfortable but it will not be shaping your body the way it deserves.

The bra should smooth you and shape in the right places. You can ask a woman from the lingerie store to help you choose the right size or you can try the online size fitting calculator if you’re more comfortable doing it on your own. Knowing your underbust and bust measurements, and the current size of the bra you wear will help you in choosing the right bra size.

Choose the right fabric

There are numerous types of fabric used for lingerie, but not all of them are equally durable and comfortable. If it’s elastic, comfortable, and provides good support, then it deserves your attention. Some good bras don’t even need the underwire in order to provide proper support and give you a nice shape.

Underwire bra can shape you nicely, but the wire can start to bother you after a while. You can choose lace, satin, silk, cotton, polyester, or even leather (but I’m assuming that’s only for special occasions). You can find a beautiful embroidered lace bra made out of nylon and spandex on Wingslove. What I’ve found to be the best combination for me is a cotton and elastin mix. While cotton is durable, comfortable, and lets your skin breathe, elastin will make the bra elastic and stretchy so it will fit around your body perfectly.

Find the right type of bra

You have to try on a lot of different types in order to find the one that suits you best. Do you need a strapless, full figure, or a push-up bra? Maybe you prefer the minimizer bra or a sports bra? By trying all of them on, you will find which one is most comfortable. Of course, the type you’ll choose also depends on the occasion.

Try different colors

Many women assume that they should be wearing black plus size lingerie as black is a “slimming color”. Please, don’t think about that. Just try everything on and buy whatever you like most! You have every right to go for pink, yellow, neon, transparent, white, or any other color you want. If you wish, you can try choosing the color that goes well with your skin tone, but the truth is, there are no rules when it comes to lingerie colors.