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How To Become A QA Engineer

by Dangula Bingula

Who is a QA Engineer?

A QA Engineer is a quality assurance expert whose responsibility is to manually or automatically test the software. In software development, testing phase comes in the early stages of development QA Engineer tests and finds the bugs and defects in software.

What does a QA tester do?


Testing a software or application is QA engineer’s duty. During the software development process, for the beginning QA engineer reviews and analyse the system specifications and requirements. After that, he develops the strategies for testing. During and after the development he executes test plans and drafts the results. QA engineer ensures that the product is as per specifications and if it does not pass the test, the product is sent back to the developer for modifications.

Purpose of all testing is to ensure the quality of software. So, the tester, troubleshoots issues, check for the errors and finds out the bugs. The testing occurs manually, automated or both. Two of the major testing types are load testing and stress testing. Assuring that the application’s design is user-friendly and meets the current standards of UI is also QA tester’s duty.

How to learn software testing?


First, a bachelor’s degree in an IT or computer science is necessary to become a software tester. Though field experience matters more, the degree has its significance.

However, to learn software testing basic knowledge of software development is required.

As every software builds in some specific programming language, the tester is required to know that language because he requires assessing the code transcripts.

One needs to learn the advanced automation testing techniques.

Having a hand in document drafting and establishing the strategies is mandatory. There are many certifications available to become a software tester but remember that the certification you going to take meets the requirements laid out by a prestigious testing company like Software Testing Qualifications Board (ISTQB).

Crucial skills for a good QA

For this question we asked QA automation team lead from DeviQA and his answer was:

There are 2 types of skills a good QA should have

  1. Personal Skills (Soft Skills)
  2. Technical Skills

Among personal skills, the first trait is effective communication. QA must keep a balance between the requirements and the developer’s perspective. Think like a product owner, developer, user and tester at the same time.

The second skill is ‘detail oriented’. QA should pay attention to the details, understand the essence of the product(software). He should determine all the aspects and risks that could occur.


Organizational skills:

the ability to set up and manage a team, be adaptable and influential are the prerequisite for a successful QA. If the person has good negotiation skills, he is good at time management it could prove him to be a good QA.

Technical skills:

Under technical skills, a QA needs to have a firm grip on programming languages, and the understanding of the testing tools.

The agile method has a prominent role in software development, so a tester must have a remarkable knowledge of it.

Technical knowledge of databases such as SQL/Oracle is another skill.

Ability to perform documentation and strong analytical skills are necessary.

What are the benefits of a career as a software QA

With a growing market of software applications, testing is thriving and has a brighter scope. This industry has headed up towards new technologies like Agile, DevOps and IoT that demand a higher number of QA testers.

If we compare the number of software testers with software developers, testers are in high deficiency. Hence testing is an advantageous choice for the career.