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How Robots Aid Small Businesses in 2024

by William Gist

How can a small company compete with a multinational setup in an undoubtedly unequal condition? Until a few years ago, acquiring the most innovative technology, i.e., robots for automation, was off-limits to the smallest companies. This was because of the initial investment cost of robot installation and the requirement of Robo engineers to operate these machines. These factors altogether made automation a dream for small businesses.

However, things are changing now. With the advent of new robot manufacturing companies, such as Rozum Robotics, modern robots are being developed in the market that are not only cost-effective but are easy to operate as well.

The company has brought in an “all in one” cobot arm that follows the integrated design. It incorporates servomotor and is commonly known as Pulse. Pulse robotic arm offers high precision in a compact and lightweight structure and is able to operate multiple tasks such as welding, packaging, sorting, painting, pick and place, etc.

Despite being a modular design, these robots help small companies automate their tasks with a high level of productivity and zero errors. With all these features, these robotic arms are available at affordable prices and with modifications.

No Technical Skill Is Needed To Operate This Robotic Arm


Unlike other robots used in the industrial sector, these robotic arms are easy to operate. Anyone with basic computer skills can make them work. According to Mikhail Chuprinsky, COO of Rozum Robotics said, “The software setup of Pulse is so easy that the programming instructions can be carried out using an intuitive interface and via hand guiding.”

This means that even if you do not know how to operate a computer, you can still give these robotic arm instructions using your hands to train the robot. All you need to do is operate the robotic arm manually to guide it to the path and task that needs to be done. The robot then reads the applied force and saves the path shown.

This innovative addition of this teaching trajectories by hand guiding makes robots accessible for small businesses. As no additional manpower is required to set up, configure, or adjust the robots.

No need for the safety guards at the workplace


Another important aspect being catered through this robotic arm is the safety of workers. Initially, the concept of robots was tied to the safety concerns of the workers. Due to this fact, business owners used to install fences and cages in the work area to protect the workers. This safety measure also increased the cost of Robot installation. But now, the scenario is different. There are human-friendly robots that happily share the workspace with human workers. This again cuts down the installation cost and enable small business operators to incorporate robots for automation.

Price Range To Install Robots

The cost of a robotic arm depends on the specifications you choose considering the operations it needs to perform; however, as a ballpark figure, the high-precision cobot is available for 21,839.00 USD. There are other models too, and the price varies according to the features selected.

With all that said, let’s discuss in greater detail how robots can help your small-to-medium sized business.

Increased Productivity


While it’s no secret that robots don’t require sleep, food, or water, they’re also programmed to do a repetitive task over and over again. This plays nicely into the idea that you get a drastic increase in productivity if you employ robots.

Not only that, but you can use them for anything from menial tasks to complicated assembly jobs. If your small business has need of AI helpers, then this is the best way to increase productivity and staying competitive.

Eliminate the Margin for Error

Humans are flawed individuals which errors could lead to devastating outcomes. Robots are programmed without error, thus they cannot mess things up while working.

This is a feature that many believe will be the future for many industries. Having the option of eliminating the margin for error is something that a lot of business owners would pay for.

Create Focus Areas

If there is one thing your employees hate is having to do menial and monotonous tasks that take the life away from them. By using robots, you can put your employees to good use on other things where a robot’s code wouldn’t really make any difference.

This allows you to focus your employees on the tasks that are most important at hand.

Safer Workspace


You cannot put a price on a human’s life, while a robot from Rozum Robotics costs around $21,800. Put it this way, you can program any AI to do all the dirty work, while your human employees can be put to good use in other areas.

However, the dirty work doesn’t always have to be messy; it can be quite unsafe in certain situations. This is particulate the case with manufacturing plants. And although a manufacturing plant inst a small business, the same case-scenario still applies to any small business where there are risks involved in the workspace.

Innovation and Improvement


While we are only in the begging phase of developing robots to help businesses and companies, there is so much room for improvement and innovation that we simply cannot ignore.

The benefits are numerous and they give humanity a unique opportunity to focus on creativity rather than menial labor. What this means is we can focus on innovation and improvement, rather than the mindless areas that no one wishes to work on. Developing robots and using them in our small businesses gives owners an opportunity like nothing ever before.

While no business wishes to hire people that cannot be trusted or any unreliable, the human factor is still present and leaves

If you have a small business, or it’s not really small, but you need additional hands to do the job, discover for yourself the latest technology in collaborative robotics available to everyone.