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Top tech challenges for small businesses

by Jajce d Muckic

Whether you are growing your company or you are launching a startup, your time will be best spent on strategies and campaigns to expand into new markets, gain new consumers, and boost sales – you will not focus on the technological part of your company, and that is a mistake. If you own a small business, these five technology challenges might have occurred without you noticing:

1. A slow network

When your network is slow, efficiency and productivity will suffer. Sometimes, tight budgets will require your teams and you to work with what you have, however, an IT company can help you boost your network speed without losing money to low efficiency and productivity.

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2. Cost of technology

When you own a small company, every project, each piece of equipment, and every software application you buy usually comes out of your pocket. Of course, you will want to buy technology that will both be efficient and inexpensive and when it comes to the IT sector, you could find a company that will guide you in the right direction, and the company will also give you advice on the technology you could buy.

3. Limited IT knowledge

It is likely that a fully integrated in-house IT staff is not a part of your annual budget yet. However, this does not mean that the IT problems will not happen, hence, when the issues arise, what do you do? It is possible that your web-developed-turned-CFO might have a little IT knowledge, but, they might not be able to fix more than your surface IT problems. Bigger issues will likely require the experience and knowledge of a professional.

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4. Network and Email security

According to Menark Technologies, no matter what your company deals with, keeping your data, assets, and emails safe and secure is the most important thing that you could do. Your data is what makes your company successful and unique, and having an IT company help you with email encryption and network security will ensure that your data and assets are safe. Keep in mind that a lot of companies that had problems with data breaches are not existing today, hence this is perhaps, the most important thing about the technological side of your company.

5. Communication

Of course, communicating with your employees or customers is the most important aspect of any business. There are many challenges that you will need to overcome to have effective communication. First of all, the communication you have with your employees on tech platforms could be leaked, which might cause major business plans and secrets to get out in the world. Second, employees are all over the country today. You will nee solid applications that will let you stay in touch with them no matter where you or they are.

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6. Unifying Apps

While applications for communicating are important, they are not enough on their own. It is quite possible that you will have a lot of applications that you will use daily, and these might include your email, social media platforms, in-house software, and more. If your software is not unified, it will not be efficient. This might cause you to lose a lot of money and time, however, if you combine these applications with things like Zapier, every application will be able to communicate with each other.


Hopefully, these problems might show you that IT is an important part of your company, as well as your business strategy. Good IT management can help you with saving a lot of money and time, gain competitive advantage, and boost the efficiency of your employees and systems.