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How Often Should You Flip or Rotate your Mattress?  

by Ingeborg

You must have often observed your parents flipping or rotating over the mattress. They do it because of a reason. Mattress companies say that to ensure longevity and durability of your mattress, and you should keep a practice of flipping it frequently. Rotating helps to ensure excellent performance. When we sleep at night, the weight of our body leaves an impression on the mattress. Hence, to avoid it, we should allow it to recover its shape.

If we don’t rotate the mattress and give it some space to recover, we may feel the urge to buy a new one sooner than later.

Why should you rotate your mattress?


First, you must understand that rotating and flipping are not similar. Hence, we are clarifying what is meant by rotating.

Rotating means moving the mattress 180 degrees. It means that the portion which was under your head is now placed under your feet. Mattresses are required to be rotated since it helps spread the prolong wear evenly all over it. It further ensures that your mattress will last long and rotating and flipping increases its lifespan. It will also help in keeping the spine in neutral alignment. You will have a good night’s sleep. Wake up, experiencing no pain while you get up.

How often should you rotate your mattress?

The construction of mattresses is done by using several materials and also combinations of materials. Hence, it is challenging to answer this question of how often you should rotate it. There is no one-size-fits-all, and different suggestions are given for different materials.

Generally, mattress brands suggest that you should rotate it every three months to one year. One of the major concerns is that people should follow the instructions and keep up by rotating them frequently.

Which mattress needs rotation?

It is a good idea to rotate your mattress unless the company says that the one that you are purchasing doesn’t require rotation. You should attempt this very frequently. A few mattresses provide more significant benefits when they are rotated. Some of them include Latex Foam, Hybrid Mattress, Memory Foam, Innerspring.

A few air beds available with foam toppers also provide prolonged benefits when they are rotated. A few mattresses are available in the market that doesn’t require rotation. It is so because they are supposed to be used facing one direction only.

The construction of some mattresses is in such a way that when rotated, they will not be in the right position to be used.

Why should you flip your mattress?


According to SleepStandard​s,​ you are not required to flip mattresses that are available nowadays. For most of them, specific layers are used while designing, and they will not operate adequately if they are turned upside down.

Generally, mattresses with no pillow tops and innerspring ones are recommended for flipping. The springs of steel coils used in the innerspring mattress are believed to wear out when used for prolonged periods. When you sleep in the same position every night, that area will get affected.

This situation is remedied easily. If you own innerspring mattresses, you should not only flip them frequently but should also rotate them too often.

When should a mattress be flipped?

Flipping them every six months is recommended. Hence, flip it every six months unless otherwise stated by the manufacturer. Regularly flipping will enhance life, and you will not have to change it too often. If you think that you will forget to flip it every six months, consider either setting a reminder or mark your calendar to be reminded of the date.

Tips for flipping or rotating your mattress


If your mattress is heavy for you to flip the side, then you should have someone along to help you in the process. While flipping, you should ensure that all objects from the sides of your bed are cleared. Remove all lamps and loose objects before flipping. Going as per the general rule of thumb, you should also rotate them after flipping it. This will help you use it evenly.

Rotate your mattress 90 degrees on the frame itself and turn its face up. It will be in a position where the longer side is parallel to the headboard.

Shift one of the mattresses over the over half, so that there is enough room for the bed to lie on the opposite end.

When the bed is ready in this position, gently flip it in such a way so that the left portion is over the right, and right is over the left. Lower the face down when it’s done.

Rotate the mattress again in 90 degrees clockwise direction. Ensure that it is then aligned to the foundation or its frame. Your bed is flipped, and the head end should now be at the foot, which means it is rotated as well.

Over time the inside and underneath if your mattress may develop bacteria, dust mites, and similar other allergens. Breathing the unclean air is harmful, and it may also result in allergies making you sick. While flipping, if possible, take time out to vacuum your mattress, its frame and surrounding area as well. This ensures healthier sleep at night.

The portion beneath the bed is not cleaned daily. But when you flip, it is easy to reach out to such areas and clean them.

Several mattresses out there no longer require flipping. But you should turn their sides regularly so that their usage is spread evenly and they are toned. Regular rotating ensures a long-lasting life. Rotate them according to the company’s recommendation, or every three months.

Final Thoughts


Rotating and flipping provide consistent support to the mattress and their wear and tear spread out evenly. Several beds have single layers with layers of foam, so they don’t require flips. But you can still rotate them. Have a good night’s sleep by following the instructions properly. Do not let the lifespan of your bed get damaged.