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Which Memory Foam Mattress Size Fits You Best?

by Sinke Car

The current memory foam mattress market has something for everyone – and that includes sizes galore to fit any need.

From twin to California King, memory foam mattresses are available from most reputable dealers in a variety of sizes designed to provide the closest-to-perfect fit possible.

In addition, many retailers of high quality products offers the “split” option where it is literally split in half so that each user can enjoy their preferred firmness level. The split option is also an advantage for users who may have trouble navigating a large king size memory foam mattress through tight spaces such as stairwells.


There are no less than seven varying sizes available for memory foam mattresses. Here is a tutorial on each:

  • Twin: designed for use by a single child or adult. Twin dimensions are 39” x 75,” but a Twin XL is also an option at 39” x 80.”
  • Full: a roomy sleep surface for a single user or a slightly cramped option for a couple. Full dimensions are 54” x 75” and a Full XL adds five inches to the length for taller users.
  • Queen: designed for two users, the Queen mattress’ dimensions are 60” x 80” and again can be extended by five inches in length with an XL upgrade.
  • King: a very spacious surface that can easily accommodate most couples. King size dimensions are 76” x 80” and California King is an alternative at 72” x 84” for a slightly narrower and longer profile.

Each user will come to a different conclusion as to which memory foam mattress size fits them best. Everything from physical stature to intended uses and number of users should be considered. In general, it is best to opt for the size just above the one that you feel you will need as personal space requirements may be underestimated in the decision making stage before the user has an opportunity to really get a feel for the bed with regular use.

With so many options available in affordable prices from reputable dealers who use quality materials and production processes, it is no wonder memory foam mattresses have grown to enjoy such popularity.


Getting the mattress is crucial as it is now becoming more essential to complete the bedroom arrangement focusing the comfort as well. And those being made now days tend to provide the comfort at full. The only thing that irritates is the price which is high enough to disturb the affordability of the buyer. Therefore, thinking about how to get from the affordable sets involves a lot of things to be taken care of.

It is not a necessary thing to get the king size foam mattress always. This is because even if you buy the king type with the medium quality, you will see the price still higher. It is rather a good idea to get from the queen size affordable mattress sets which are not so bigger in size as the king size and still they can adjust a couple to sleep. The advantage of getting the queen size affordable sets is that you will not have to pay the price as that of king size and it can be fitted in the room of medium or even smaller size.


If you are willing to get the discount on higher quality and bigger sized mattresses, it will be pretty good to get the one from the store that has direct dealing with the manufacturer. Getting as many third parties removed, as you can, will definitely make you purchase the higher quality affordable mattress sets, more information about them you can read in this blog Practicalsleep.com. If you have access to the warehouse, you can get the higher quality and highly affordable sets with much ease and peace of mind. The mattress warehouse is a place where you can find the bulk of them and more interesting to note that the mattress warehouse always picks the items from the manufacturing company.

The best option to look up the best affordable mattress sets is to go online and get the best quality at the best price. Many of the online stores offer the best prices on the mattress purchase. It is up to you how you go for the best deal.If you are looking to get view the wide range of high quality and affordable mattress sets, visit this blog.