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How Jenna Jameson Lost Weight With Keto Diet

by Elsa Stringer

Lately, Jenna Jameson is sharing advice on how to lose weight with the keto diet. She even made an Instagram account @ketocantlose, where she is sharing advice and motivational quotes.
Jenna managed to lose 80 pounds with the help of the keto diet. And now she looks better than ever, and you must agree with that when you see the before and after photos.


She says that now she has her ideal weight, but she will try to maintain it with the strict keto diet. Besides the diet, she is working out and building her muscles. And one important thing that helped her a lot is intermittent fasting. She is sharing with her followers her favorite foods and delicious low-carb breakfasts.


She shared 12 things that helped her lose weight, and we are sharing them with you:

1. I stopped snacking
2. I allow myself to get hungry
3. I walk to where I need to go
4. I stop eating when I’m satisfied
5. Intermittent fasting between 6 p.m. – 11 a.m.
6. Purged my kitchen of all processed foods
7. I don’t feed my family processed food
8. I barely EVER eat out
9. I accept that slow progress is PROGRESS
10. I take progress pictures to motivate me
11. I consider eating as nourishing not rewarding
12. I treat myself with love and patience

We think these 12 steps are easy to do, and everyone can try it.

Yet, if you think this only can’t help, you should add a little bit of extra to your diet. If you want to know how click here.