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Incredible Ways Technology Impacts Modern Education

by William Gist

According to the National Center for Education Statistics and the Department of Education, 97% of teachers across the world have access to computers in the classroom. 65% of the teachers agreed that it is easy to demonstrate topics through computers which cannot be shown in any other way.

In that context, technology is shaping the future of education. The rate of consuming online educational content among students is getting higher day by day.  A recent study conducted by KMPG and Google states that online tutoring in India will witness an 8 fold growth by 2024.

Digital education in India

In countries like India, technological growth in education is slowly picking up pace. Online learning platforms like Vedantu adopt cutting-edge technologies to attract students as well as their parents to reinvent their approach to learning.

Technology in India is rapidly growing. As the number of smartphone owners keeps increasing, students get involved more with online education services. The online learning platforms provide countless ways to make dull classes exciting and fun.

How the online educational platforms work

source: blog.wps.com

By replacing the old blackboard-chalk tale, big books and copies, a bunch of notes, these digital platforms become force-multiplier. Every parent dreams of seeing their child successful. Improving their children’s educational growth is the most prominent issue. Technology can do that task effectively. It paves the way for learning difficult things and meeting specific goals effortless.

  • Increases the number of students in a class

According to the latest reports, the rate of school dropouts in India at the senior level is as high as 30%. Girl students face the brunt of dropouts the highest, with 57% of them dropping out of schools by the time they reach class XI. Online education can fill this gorge substantially.

The one-to-one concept of learning in online tutorials tracks the progress report of every individual. Through mobile learning apps, both urban and rural students can get educational contents like NCERT books very easily. A recent survey by the Babson Survey Research Group states that about 33% of students of India are taking online courses to attain a degree.

  • Guides the students with adaptive learning

As technology peaks newer heights, learning becomes boundless. With information just one click away, e-learning technology improves student’s life widely. Students enrolling to these programs can track their academic score, aptitude, weakness, strengths, and prospect.

What may be difficult for a human to remember is a lot easier for computers. They keep track of the progress report, teach students various subjects, help them doing homework and assignments. This way, the students, as well as their parents, get benefitted.

  • Creates a strong network to connect with people

Online learning gives students a chance to connect with people across the globe. Students of different continents can implement projects, get exposure to new cultures and discuss various topics. This facility helps the student to create a strong connection and getting a dream job lately.

  • Offers free accessible resources

Many online learning platforms offer free access to educational resources like NCERT solutions or books. Open digital education systems allow teachers to customize the topics. Students get free solutions from them. They provide materials that can be edited, improved, re-organized by users. Open education resources include freely offered content for teaching and research. This facility allows students to get advance materials quickly.

Despite the on-going argument about the harmful effects of technology among students, the benefits can’t be ignored.

source: blog.wps.com

Top 3 Key features of technological education

  • Easy access to everything

Students find it easier to learn from hazard free online platforms. Now anyone can earn a degree by sitting in the comfort of their homes. There is no need to carry books, pens, pencils, and other accessories. One can get any information by clicking on the webpages.

  • High-quality contents at budget-friendly rates

The online education helping platforms ensures that their clients get high-quality content. Mainly their focus is to provide quality materials such as NCERT books to school students. Students who have a low budget can also access these materials. It bridges the economic gap that has traditionally held back students from the financially weaker strata of society from availing quality education.

  • Virtual experts for all subjects of all genre

Online educational platforms are mini-schools. Most of the academic websites have experienced teachers to provide best NCERT solutions to students. Gone are the days when students return home without understanding anything. Now the students can choose their online tutors by checking their profile and taking their demo classes.

Online learning platforms are using technology to transform education. From online group collaborations, fun learning, practical assignments to making models, charts, digital, they are creating a buzz among students. It takes time to develop those technological models. To increase the usage of technology, bringing students into the digital fold is essential.

source: blog.wps.com