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How do Orphanage Charity Organizations Help Children In Need

by William Gist

An orphanage charity organization is an institution or a business that is categorized as a non-profit organization or NPO for short. These charitable organizations can be run either publicly or privately and they are often referred to as charities or foundations. These charities can be based on educational, religious, or other public interest activities in the hopes of gathering resources for gifting or donating to individuals or other organizations in the hopes of them benefiting from the resources.


The resources can be different, depending on the person’s or organization’s needs, and these orphanage charity organizations help people get some kind of relief for their life, advancement, and education. Charitable organizations hope to provide shelter, food, and other items that these children might need. In this article, you will be able to learn how orphanage charity organizations work, as well as what do they do to help orphaned children around the world. Let’s take a closer look at these organizations:


Their Mission Statement

Charities are usually dedicated to one specific cause or group of related causes. For instance, a charity might aim to improve children’s lives by helping them get educated, as well as have the necessary things for their education such as books, computers, and school supplies. Such objectives may be to gather the necessary resources, setting up a school, or teaching children about why education is important for them. Almost all charity organizations define a goal and objective which they dedicate themselves to. So, you might be wondering, how do these organizations have funds to help these children? Well, in the text below, you will learn how they gather the necessary resources, as well as how these organizations help orphaned children around the world.

Fundraising to Meet their Goals


As you already know, orphanage charity organizations need money to meet their long and short-term goals. According to the website HopeNowUSA, fundraising is never the organization’s aim, instead, it is an objective that has a specific purpose. For instance, a charity might want to end childhood hunger and might have a fundraiser designed to provide free meals to children and local families. They can raise money in a wide range of ways like soliciting donations, holding events where they will gather money, or obtaining government grants. Let us give you an example of a company that does charity fundraising. Polar Engraving came up with an interesting campaign involving charity brick engraving ideas for fundraising and that is one of the interesting ways to collect money.

The Goals of an Orphanage Charity Organization


As you already know, the goals of these organizations will vary drastically from state to state and will mostly depend on the regulations and laws in the country they are based in. However, there are some shared goals amongst these organizations that include:

  1. To implement change from institutional orphan care to community-based, family-centered homes through a limited-time partnership with existing local community stakeholders and existing orphanages.
  1. To support the holistic development of the orphaned children in an enabling environment.
  1. To ensure self-sufficiency and stability through the principles of environmental protection and respect.
  1. To provide financial support and training for families to ensure the long-term success of children.
  1. To develop a strong and lasting relationship with partners, donors, and government agencies.
  1. To alleviate the suffering of children.
  1. To raise sufficient funds through fundraising and donation in order to actualize the organization’s goals and missions.
  1. To create a scalable, repeatable model that can be transferred to other countries and communities where there is a need for implementing such programs.



Today, there are many orphanage charity organizations that are established around the globe. If you are thinking about donating money or resources to such organizations, make sure that you choose an organization that is reliable and genuine. Keep in mind that your little is a lot for someone, hence, even if you can donate a small amount of money each month, you will be able to help someone thrive and live a better life.