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How Do Discord Bots Work – A 2024 Beginners Guide

by William Gist

No matter if you are a gamer who has a gaming community or someone who simply wants to make a chat with their closest friends, having a Discord server can be quite helpful. People who utilize Discord bots usually find that they are best for controlling various tasks and chats.

If you are thinking about getting a Discord bot for whatever chat you have, this article can be quite helpful. The text below is going to feature a guide for completely understanding them, including how they can work, as well as some advantages that you can gain. Let’s take a closer look:

What Are They Exactly?


Before we take a look at what these bots are, you should first learn what Discord is. Simply said, it is a messaging platform that is mostly utilized by various gaming communities. It offers its users a wide range of features, including a way to communicate with other people by using text messaging, audio and/or video calls, as well as the ability to send photographs.

There is a wide range of platforms such as ProBot that allow you to build your own discord server, which means that the process will be less time-consuming and stressful for you and your team. It will be quite similar to the messaging apps you might have on your phones such as Telegram, Viber, and WhatsApp, and by creating one, you’ll allow other users to join one that you like and interact with other individuals.

What Are The Bots And What do They do?


In order to make everything more fun and interactive for individuals, there is a wide range of bots that you can utilize and add to your platform. These bots can actually help you with playing music, sending audio/video calls, and so on. However, it helps with more important things as well, especially since with it you can control and stop spam messages, you can manage your chats, and you can give each person on your server a role of, for example, a moderator.

The robots can actually be implemented to any server, for various reasons. But, one of the main reasons why people choose them is that they are simple tools for engaging with your community, without needing to always be on your computer and communicating with other individuals by yourself.

They are created in a way that allows them to finish simple tasks, automation, as well as sharing to make it look like you are always online, but, in fact, you do not always have to be there. At the moment, people are using them for a lot of different processes. For instance, come of them are used as moderation tools, which means that they can complete tasks that revolve around banning individuals that are spamming.

People also use them for showing gaming statistics, and naturally, sending funny memes, and other information. As mentioned, some of them can play music, and the bots can do that by connecting to various streaming platforms such as Spotify, Deezer, or YouTube.

If you like playing video games, the bots can also help you by making it easy to find other gaming communities by simply offering you a search button where you can search for them. Once you find a particular group, you can then use the server to communicate with other people that are also playing the same game.

One of the best things about it is that you can actually choose to code them by yourself. Now, you might be wondering – what does this mean? Well, this means that you can make it do whatever you want with a few codes. Of course, whenever someone says ‘code’ you think ‘difficult’, however, it is not. There are such platforms that can help you build a bot in under 20 minutes, hence, making it quite time-efficient and easy.

So, What Can I Use Them For?


Well, you can actually use them for various things. For instance, if you want to manage your server, a Discord bot can help you when it bans, mutes, and/or kicks a member from the server. It can also control the spam levels you are getting, which means that the bot can control and delete the spam messages if they appear in the chat room.

As mentioned, it can also play music, hence, if you want to enjoy a song while talking to other people, just tell it to open the song from selected streaming platforms. And naturally, you can also use it for viewing information about the server you are using and all the users that joined it.

Can I Used Them on All Devices?


The Discord bots are usually available on both Mac and Windows computers and laptops, and you can access them by downloading and installing the Discord app or you can use the online platform that is offered by the company behind it. The web browser version does have a few hindrances like not being capable of detecting cameras or other devices.

You can also use it on your iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and most of the things that you can get when you download it on your PC will be present on your smartphone as well. However, if you choose to install it on your phone, you’ll lose some of the features such as sharing screens and receiving the shared screens from other people.

It can be used for managing both small and large groups of people. This means that it does not matter if you are in a community of 100 or 1000 people, a Discord bot will help you filter out everything, especially the spammers. This makes it easy to manage and control, which can save a lot of time.

With so many Discord bots to choose from, many people use Discordbotlists to find the ideal bot for their server.


As you can see, there is a wide range of things that a Discord bot can help you with. Not only will it completely get rid of spammers, but, it will also help you manage your server, communicate with other people, and it will also allow you to listen to music while you are talking.

So, now that you know what these bots are and what they can bring you, you should not lose any more time. Instead, start thinking about whether or not a chatbot can help you with your group chat right away!