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3 Most Popular Destiny 2 Twitch Streamers in 2024

by Victoria Boatright

The world of gaming is big and full of opportunities. One can easily get into gaming and get involved in some popular games, especially at a time when the world is ruled by a world pandemic due to which people are more often at home. The perfect opportunity to get about a game, right? Many gaming companies in the past months offer interesting offers, discounts, and packages that will change the reality of the fanatics a lot and give them a new and different value. Who once entered the world of gaming, hard to get out.

Gaming is one of the most popular hobbies in the last 20 years. This was especially noticeable in that period if you remember 15 years ago when the most popular games were Counter-Strike, Half-Life, Grand Theft Auto, Need for Speed, and similar games. Although many of them did not play online, they slowly began to move online where people started networking and playing together.

The games and the way the games are played have changed over the years. Big and frequent changes have led to some other changes, such as the fact that companies have begun to develop special gaming equipment that is more diverse, further gaming from a few years ago is run as a sport in which couples, teams, and countries can compete and win medals. Gaming is a bottomless sea or an endless horizon. But why?

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Gaming offers a large selection, there is something that can be found for everyone’s taste. From offline games to online games, from level games to games with missions, and more. Popular games at the moment are League of Legends, Fortnite, Dota, Counter-Strike, but as one of the most popular games, we would still mention Destiny 2. This is a game for anyone looking for an adventure and challenges in the game, something that will keep your attention and that will not get you bored easily.

If you get into this game you will hardly give up. By playing it, you become more and more experienced, your character will be stronger, and if you do not want to spend time gaining levels, then there is a solution. For some games, you can buy additional packages that can be purchased at a low price and can help you a lot when playing. According to lootservices.com, the packages for this game are very popular because they help you to achieve stronger results in the game.

It’s a chance to get your playing to perfection. Of course, some of the best streamers who record and make lives can give you some knowledge and experience, and yes – they can help you play Destiny 2 better! What are the most popular 3 streamers in the last year for Destiny 2? Stay tuned and find out more below:

1. Bungie

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One of the more experienced and respected gamers that can be found on Twitch. He created his profile on this platform almost 9 years ago when he officially decided to start his career as a gamer. He has evolved and changed over the years, becoming more and more experienced in playing games, and today he is followed by over 600,000 followers from all over the world, mostly from America and Europe. On his Twitch profile, you can often find interesting videos in which he plays, tries to cross certain paths and often knows how to call other experienced gamers with whom he plays or discusses a certain topic about the game. Follow him for more experience!

2. FemSteph

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Apromising and young gamer with a relatively long experience. She opened her profile on this platform in the second half of 2012 when she started streaming some of her moves and ways of playing. Today, she is followed by nearly 300,000 members of the Twitch platform who are looking forward to her every future address. Here you can find people from all over the world, mostly from America and Europe. This young gamer can boast of nearly 350,000 active hours in recent years, and proof of her work are the videos that you can watch on her profile on this network.

3. GernaderJake

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The most-watched and most visited channel on Twitch! The number one channel for Destiny 2, is among the 200 best channels in the world that do content in English and of course, the best channel for Destiny 2 in English. It is followed by close to 350,000 fans of this game. It is his pleasure to be available to all gamers. It changes a lot over the years. From an unrecognizable beginner gaming channel in 2008, today he is the most famous, let’s say he is an expert on Destiny 2. Today you will always come across a child or a fan who is in love with this game, and if you ask him who is his favorite streamer, then definitely it will be GernaderJake. All of his followers spent nearly 500,000 minutes watching him on his streams, and those who missed it will be able to follow his videos on Twitch.

Gaming can not only please you but also help you to fill your free time, it can also bring you a lot of earnings. How? So it’s easy. Through tournaments for your favorite game! Such tournaments are also organized for the game Destinations 2 as part of the big e-sports events in all countries in the world or on a continental level. To participate in such a tournament, it is first of all necessary to have experience and a certain level of readiness in playing the game, but it is also necessary to form your team with which you will go to the tournament and bring the victory home. These tournaments are a great opportunity to earn and receive valuable prizes such as gaming computers, gaming furniture, and other gaming equipment.

And how to improve? Of course, by following Twitch’s best streamers, as they are one of the best players in Destiny 2 and can impart much of their gaming skills in general, but also in Destiny 2.

Follow their streams, follow their videos, and talks with other gamers and maybe one day you will be a successful streamer like them who will be in the top three streamers on the Twitch platform. Invest in yourself and the results will one day be visible, and that will only bring you success in gaming.