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How Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Are Changing the Retail Industry

by Dangula Bingula

When we talk about the newest inventions in the world, most people start thinking about technology. Indeed, modern technology is improving drastically fast in the last 10 years. You now have electrical cars, smartwatches, and even robots that come with various features. However, we believe that these inventions have not changed the world as cryptocurrencies.

Cryptocurrency is a phrase that you can hear quite often in the business world. First of all, many people want to educate themselves about this subject. They would want to find out more and there are many resources where you can read various interesting facts. Despite that, many governments in the world had to change the laws and accept cryptocurrency as a legit payment method. Indeed, not all of the countries in the world did this, but we suppose the number of them will grow in the near future.

Anyway, the number of businesses that accept cryptocurrency is growing as well. However, certain types of businesses are the place where innovations are starting to be users first. One of those business fields is the retail industry. You will find many retail businesses of today that accept to work with Bitcoin and other currencies.


However, they are certainly not doing that because it is only some sort of trend. On the contrary, cryptocurrency and blockchain bring many benefits to businesses and it changes the way they function. There are 4 things that have changed in the business world thanks to the blockchain and cryptocurrency.

However, before we say that, there is one thing we would like to say. If you believe that your retail business is going to get benefits, then you can apply these changes as well. Yet, working with blockchain and cryptocurrency is not something you can do without proper education. Because of that, we suggest entrepreneurs visit bitcoin-profitapp.com and get more info about this subject.

Now, let’s analyze those 4 changes.

Consumer Experience


Every entrepreneur knows that consumers are everything for the business. Without their satisfaction, you won’t have the chance to make progress. Fortunately, blockchain can transform many aspects of consumer retail experience.

First of all, blockchain technology allows businesses to store customer data in a much-secured way. Despite that, the system is more opened and more transparent comparing to the traditional systems.

Logically, clients are apprehensive to share their personal data because the leaks of these details are a common occurrence. However, they won’t have that sort of problem when we talk about blockchain. More precisely, this technology encourages them to do that.

This technology is still making progress. In the near future, we expect that the “smart” loyalty programs based on blockchain tech will be available to users. In this way, the business will have the option of offering exclusive and personalized experiences and rewards for their most loyal retail customers.

Supply Chain


After consumer experience, the supply chain is the second are that will get transformed thanks to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

First of all, the distributed ledger is the basic feature of blockchain. Thanks to this feature, the technology allows for greater integration associated with coordinating a network of retailers and suppliers. Because of that, this technology has been paired with another one – the Internet of Things. These two technologies promise to transform this area of business.

It seems that every item that moves through a supply chain will be tagger with a sensor. The sensor has the ability to record the condition, location, and other valuable pieces of information about the item.

The good thing is that the end-to-end supply chain ensures total transparency on every stage. This is especially important for manufacturers that want to trace their products from production to sales and delivery.

Payment and Contracts


Well, we assume that even people that are not familiar with this subject a lot know that changes in payment and contracts are going to happen. When you look closer, it is the biggest reason why many economy experts consider blockchain as a truly transformative technology. The technology itself has a direct influence on the transaction methods. In other words, the way how people buy and sell a product is going to change.

As we said, many businesses in the world can now allow consumers to buy a product with a certain cryptocurrency. In this way, they upgrade the speed of the retail transaction and avoid the additional costs. For instance, bank costs are one of those that are not involved in the entire process. The same rules count for the B2B transactions.

Finally, security is the biggest advantage of all. Moving the product warranties on the cloud-based storage will keep the guarantees transferable and up-to-date. Some of the blockchain wallets are already offering this service to the cryptocurrency users.

Brand Experience and Events


Entrepreneurs should know that the way how they will deliver a brand experience to their customers will change. This can happen in two different ways. The first way is to do that through one-off events. Despite that, it can also be done through customizing and simplifying the way how consumers interact with businesses.

This change will also arrive in two different ways. First of all, it will change the way how businesses organize retail events. They will go through three different stages – organization, ticketing, and run.

Despite that, there is also one crucial change that will arrive together with this technology. It will get involved in the kind of experiential marketing that is becoming standard in the retail sector.

Finally, the consumer’s trust in the brand will improve thanks to this technology and additional security that offers. Despite that, it is a cost-effective solution for both sides. As we said, some costs won’t exist and the brand will have the chance to offer a better price to the customers. In this way, they will get their attention as well.



Let’s summarize everything that we just learned about the blockchain and retail industry. This technology will increase customer retention and save the time of both parties – consumers and businesses. Despite that, it will make the entire purchasing process safe, reliable and transparent.

If you plan to add blockchain technology to your business, we encourage you to do that. However, without proper education, we do not guarantee that you will get the benefits that we mentioned.