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These Hollywood Stars Began Their Careers in Adult Movies

by Tracy Finke

The road to fame and success is often covered with thorns, and some of the world-known movie stars began building their careers in much less appreciated adult films before their roles in Hollywood hits.

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Check out the list.

Matt Leblanc (52)

Image source: closerweekly.com

Before the role of Joey in “Friends” brought him worldwide fame, Matt Leblanc starred in the popular adult series “Red Shoe Diaries.” In one episode of the series, his character attracts a lawyer and has intimate relations with her in an elevator.

Cameron Diaz (47)

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At 19, Cameron first appeared completely naked in a provocative video called “She’s no angel.” Although it attracted attention, she wanted her career to move in a different direction, so she sued and put creator of the video in prison who blackmailed her. Still, to the delight of her many fans, the video leaked to the internet.

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Jackie Chan (65)

Image source: jakpost.net

The legend of kung fu films has not always starred in action and comedy movies. Namely, in 1975 he played a role in the adult film “All in the family.”

David Duchovny (59)

Image source: conversationsabouther.net

Before his role as Agent Mulder in “The X-Files,” which made him famous, David didn’t always play the serious characters burdened with alien existence. He, like Matt Leblanc, was part of the “Red Shoe Diaries” series.

Sylvester Stallone (73)

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This actor is famous for “Rocky,” but few know how this Hollywood star starred in the adult movie “The Party at Kitty and Stud’s” in his youth. He said that he was practically homeless at the time and that poverty forced him to do so.

Helen Mirren (74)

Image source: vogue.com

One of the world’s most famous actresses starred in 1979 in the movie “Caligula,” a Roman epic that was eventually banned for its controversial script. Most who have watched the film say it is pure suggestive content.

Arnold Schwarzenegger (72)

Image source: wikimedia.org

This actor has gone on a pretty impressive journey from adult movie star to governor. At a young age, he made a living as a model, posing entirely undressed for the gay magazine “After Dark,” and reportedly starred in an adult movie, which is hard to trace today.

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