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Hollywood Scourges Donald Trump Over ‘Liberate’ Tweets!

by Sinisav

BREITBART – 04/18/2020: Hollywood and Donald Trump are on opposite sides for some time now. You could say that POTUS is Hollywood’s nemesis. After Trump’s “liberate” tweets, the left-winged celebrities started pouring led on the 45th US President.

In his tweets, Trump insinuated that states that are led by Democrat governors, Michigan, Virginia, and Minnesota should let their citizens roam free despite having stay-at-home order in power. Michigan is in the worst state out of all three, with almost three thousand deaths.

Donald Trump

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Celebrities mounted attacks on POTUS calling him “madman,” “deranged,” and “terrifying,” in the process. In the named states, protestants are gathering to protest for their freedom claiming that their constitutional rights are in danger with stay-at-home orders. Trump encouraged them to defend the 2nd amendment.

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Because of Donald Trump’s tweets, Hollywood establishment went into a frenzy. Among the first ones to comment was actor Adam Scott. He tweeted: “So the President of the United States is rising up against…the United States. Got it. Makes no sense and is deeply dangerous, putting millions of lives needlessly at risk. Happy Friday everyone!”

Jeffrey Wright was even more direct: “@realDonaldTrump already has the smell of death on him, and he is going to get more people killed with his ignorance, cowardice, chaos & incompetence. Period. This ain’t a carnival game. Liberate America.”

Actress Mia Farrow was the next in line. Only a few days ago, she criticized Trump’s decision to stop funding the World Health Organization. In her tweet, Farrow wrote: “This is a dangerous kind of madness.”

One of those that also attacked the President was NBC News/MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner, who stated: “Let’s be clear, he’s urging people to engage in behavior that will dramatically increase their odds of contracting the virus & dying. This conduct is plainly a “grossly negligent deviation from his duty of care” to the American people. That would be Negligent Homicide element 1.”

Source: breitbart.com