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Here Is What Happens When Babies Eat Alone (Video)

by Elsa Stringer

Messy eater alert! This is every parent’s worst nightmare when it comes to feeding or teaching their child how to eat. One desperate mum from Thailand served her baby daughter some dragon fruit porridge and sat her at a feed table. However, her big mistake was giving the toddler a permission to ear all by her lonesome!

The little one had so much fun that she got the deep and hard to clean red colored food everywhere, from the table and chair, to her entire precious little body. She was completely covered in it.

The natural red pigment of dragon fruit is one of the strongest and hardest to deal with, and it is known to color the inside of the mouth. There have even been cases where the stool was red, making the consumers think they have some kind of disease when it is actually just the fruit.

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The fruit is immensely healthy, and considered one of the “superfoods”. It contains water, carbohydrates, proteins, carotene, calcium, other minerals, and vitamins B1, B2, B6, B12, and C. Mistakenly thought of as a low sugar fruit, it actually contains a lot of glucose, while the amounts of fructose and saccharose are small. Therefore, those suffering from diabetes should avoid it.

This unfortunate mum might also want to consider holding onto the fruit until her mischievous daughter is a bit older!