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Here Is How Actress Mischa Barton Hit Rock Bottom

by Elsa Stringer

Once the famous Hollywood sweetheart and the blonde beauty Marissa Cooper from the popular TV show “The O.C.”, has been nothing but scandalous her whole career.

Mischa Barton, 34, is known for her turbulent lifestyle. She has just turned 34, and although she never met her full acting potential, her name could often be found in the tabloids and magazines around the world.


During her filming of the popular teen drama that made her famous, she became friends with Lindsey Lohan and Kelly Osbourne. Therefore, she was a frequent guest at some of the wildest Los Angeles parties. In alter interviews, she said she had though back than that she was supposed to work and have fun side by side, but realized that can only lead to ruin.

In May of 2007, she was hospitalized following her consumption of an alcohol and pill mix. That same year, she was arrested for driving without a license. In 2008, she was sentenced to three years of parole and $2000 in fines, and she had to regularly check into AA meetings.

She left “The O.C.” after the end of season 3, following the rumors that this was not a joint decision of the producers and the actress. Allegedly, her behavior and attitude on set made the makers of the show kill-off her character. Ten years later, she said that many factors weighed in on that decision. Fox cancelled the show after season 4.

Here Is How Actress Mischa Barton Hit Rock Bottom


In July of 2009, her detrimental lifestyle hits its peak so her parents and agent organized an intervention. They concluded that Mischa is not fit to make a flight to NY for an event. Prior to her meeting with the people who care about her, she took strong sedatives and passed out.

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Mischa was taken to hospital where things got out of hand when she threatened to commit suicide. She suffered a nervous breakdown and ended up in a psychiatric clinic. She later admitted she was not suicidal, but extremely depressed.

That same year, she tried her luck with acting one more time with the show “The Beautiful Life: TBL”, but the CW network ended the show only two episodes in. Again, she was impossible to work with on set so they could not move on. Since then, she never again appeared on small nor big screens.


Of course, financial troubles followed soon after. In 2014, after tabloids published that she has unpaid mortgage bills worth $15,000, she tried selling her Beverly Hills villa but failed. She even sued her mother Nuala Barton, who was her manager at one point. The reason for the lawsuit was the fact her mother did not pay her, and had even thrown her out of her own house.

During her appearance in “Dancing with the Stars” in 2016, she experienced a breakdown when she was eliminated, and the producers said she was again difficult to work with. “Her behavior probably didn’t make her too many friends on set,” said the disappointed crew of the show.