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Hair Transplant: Everything You Need To Know About The Procedure

by Dangula Bingula

The popularity of hair transplant nowadays really impresses — about 650,000 procedures are performed annually, that equals about 2,000 per day. Among those who have done this procedure are world-famous people as Elon Musk, Wayne Rooney, Naomi Campbell, Elton John, Silvio Berlusconi, etc. Let’s find out more about an operation in this article.

What is a hair transplant?

Hair transplant is a surgical technique applied to treat baldness (or alopecia), correct hairline growth, or make hair denser. 2 primary options are applied to perform the procedure:


  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction). This is the most widespread safe and effective technique applied nowadays. A hair transplant technician takes hair from the donor area, forms grafts (a bunch of 3-4 follicles), and then implant them into the hairless area making tiny punctures. No visible scars or traces remain.
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation). This is an older technique compared to FUE. During it, a specialist cuts out a long and thin hairy strip from the patient’s nape. Then this strip is cut into small pieces forming grafts that are transplanted into the bald zone. A scar on the nape remains after an operation. However, it is easily hidden by hair growing above.

Hair transplant: step-by-step


Regardless of the option chosen for hair transplant, the algorithm of operation is the following:

  1. A patient arrives to a clinic, passes medical tests, and receives a consultation with a doctor.
  2. The next day, a procedure is appointed. A patient is under anesthesia or sedation to feel comfortable and relaxed.
  3. The procedure takes 3-8 hours depending on the size of hairless area.
  4. When a procedure is over, a doctor covers the scalp with the gauze.
  5. A patient receives recommendations on how to look after transplanted hair; no admission is required.
  6. It is necessary to visit a doctor in several days after the procedure to estimate the result.

Worth noting that a hair transplantation does not show an immediate result. It takes about a year to estimate the final outcome. So, have patience, and soon you will see incredible changes!

How effective is a hair transplant?


In the case of male pattern baldness, a hair transplant is quite effective and shows good result. Its effectiveness reaches up to 98%. It means that 98 out of 100 transplanted hairs survive and will grow.

However, the procedure may not work if baldness has been caused by the influence of chemotherapy or other medications, some mechanical impact like injuries or burns.

Pay attention that in several weeks after a hair transplant, some follicles fall down. It mustn’t scare you — a new hair will grow instead of fallen follicles.

You need also remember that transplanted hair, like natural one, can start thinning or lose color over time.

What are the side effects?


Despite of a hair transplant is a quite simple and safe procedure, some side effects may also take place. Among the most common are:

  • scarring (in most cases, it is hardly visible)
  • infections
  • swelling and itching
  • bleeding
  • inflammation
  • losing of sensations, etc.

Luckily, all these complications are temporary and disappear over time. However, a patient has to inform a doctor if some of the listed side effects appear.

What is the price?


The price of hair transplant ranges significantly — from $1,300 to $16,000! One of the lowest prices is in Turkey — it will cost about $1,500. Regarding the detailed pricing, get more on this site. The most expensive offers you will find in the USA, Canada, Australia, some European countries such as Switzerland, Austria, Germany.

You may ask, ‘Why is a difference so impressive?’. The answer is quite simple. The cost of medical services is formed according to the general price policy in a particular country and the level of income of local citizens. For instance, the salary in the USA will be several times higher than in Turkey, for instance.

One more reason is a number of hair transplantation clinics within a country. A great number of such facilities stimulates a healthy competition that makes the medical centers reduce prices, offer hot deals and increase quality. So, often, a low price does not equal poor quality.


Hair transplant is effective and low-injury option to look like you are 18 again. It takes just about a year to become confident and forget about your head shaving.  The main benefit if the procedure is its high success rate and lifetime result. But the most pleasant thing is that you can find a very affordable option and save up to 80% of your money. Maybe, it is time to start changing?