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6 Reasons Why Men End Up Losing Their Hair

by Dangula Bingula

Hair loss is a stark reality for the majority of men. Once a man reaches his 30s, there is already a 40 percent chance that he will experience hereditary hair loss. By the time he reaches his 50s that number increases to 50 percent.

According to MediciCapelli.com.au, hair loss affects millions of men every year and it can start as early as puberty. However, not many men know that there are several different reasons why loss occurs.

Why Men Lose Their Hair after 30


  1. Genetics. You can tell a lot about your chances of experiencing hair loss by looking at your family history. Basically, if the other men in your family experienced it, you have a much higher chance of experiencing it too.
  2. Illness. Hair loss and thinning is associated with a number of medication conditions, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and more. If you start experiencing it, it’s always a good idea to be tested for an underlying medical condition, particularly if you have a family history of it.
  3. Hormones. DHT is a hormone that can be found on the scalp and unfortunately, it can cause the hair follicles to shrink. If DHT levels become too high, eventually your hair will stop growing and baldness sets in. Since hormonal fluctuations are linked to hair thinning and loss, women going through menopause can also experience it.
  4. Stress. Your body responds in different ways to stress and traumatic events and hair loss is one response. Surgery, death or prolonged stress at work can all cause it to fall out.
  5. Medication. There are quite a few medications that are known to cause this condition, including those taken for depression, heart problems and arthritis. As you can imagine, cancer treatments will also cause the loss. You should speak to your doctor about alternatives if you believe that medication could be causing it.
  6. Scalp Conditions. Fungal infections, inflammation and folliculitis can all lead to hair loss. Other conditions such as psoriasis can also cause thinning hair.

If at any point you start losing large clumps of hair or experience sudden disruptions in your growth cycles, it’s definitely wise to schedule a visit with your doctor so that you can be tested.

How to Tell If You’re Balding


If you want to figure out whether you are balding, pay attention to the front of your scalp as this is usually where male pattern baldness begins. The hair that grows around your temples will also start moving back until it forms an ‘M’ shape.

As your hair continues to get thinner, it will form a sort of horseshoe pattern. Know that it is completely normal to lose hair every single day but if the shedding becomes more noticeable, it’s time to seek the assistance of a professional. Your pillowcase will be able to give you a better idea of whether you’re experiencing additional shedding.

Fortunately, there are several effective therapies and techniques to tackle all these hair conditions. One such way to deal with most of these hair issues is advanced stem cell therapy by Giostar Chicago. This is an excellent hair restoration procedure through which you get visible results in about 12 weeks. A modern and proven approach like this is highly recommended. The internet is full of different remedies and ineffective methods that will not only harm your scalp and hair but will make the situation worse for you. So you need to choose a suitable and safe method carefully.