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Groundhog Caught Eating a Pizza in Philly

by Elsa Stringer

For the past few weeks, it seems like we have been living the plot of the classic movie “Groundhog Day”, where every day is the same and the protagonist has to live it over and over again.

The COVID-19 pandemic shut us inside our homes and keeps preventing us from going out. However, the animals are thriving in such conditions as there are less humans outside.


In Philadelphia, one family captured some footage of a cute groundhog eating some pizza! The bold little rodent approached their patio door and did not seem to care about a thing. It chomped down on the pizza and enjoyed every bite of it!

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The viral video goes on for about a minute, and the family dogs can be seen staring at the groundhog through the kitchen window. It did not care about the people nor the two giant dogs, nibbling and munching away at the cheesy slice.


The person responsible for the video is Kristin Chalela Bagnell, whose home the groundhog decided to visit. She lives in the Brewerytown area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She said that his little feast went on for about one hour. The maker of the video had this to say:

“That is, I think, the funniest part of the story. No, it’s not our pizza. With Philly being Philly, we have been noticing every once in a while random, half-eaten foods thrown in our back yard. We’re not sure if it’s our neighbour who we’re in the middle of a parking war with or we’re just stuck with bad luck.”


What is more, the neighbors are familiar with this particular groundhog as it is a frequent visitor to their properties! It is constantly on the lookout for food, since it knows how well it ate there before. Bagnell continued:

“This made my quarantine absolutely incredible. I was pissed when I saw the pizza because it was clear someone was messing with us, but now the joke is on them because it made hundreds of people crack up. It also took all the energy out of my dogs. They have been snoring ever since. If this is the product of a friendly parking dispute, we thank you for giving us and hundreds of others the entertainment we need.”