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7 Great Tools for Improving Your Freelancing in 2024

by Edvard Berlusconi

Here’s a hard truth about freelancing: no one can predict how much time will they need to put into their business to successfully run it. Lucky for you, there’s no lack of tools and suitable software for freelancers to help you be more victorious.

There are tons of amazing tools for freelancers on the market right now. You have a lot of options today and especially in these times, you should try them out and figure out what is best for you. You can always visit this site to make the best work for you.

With that in mind, we compiled some of the best ones and we hope this can help you enhance your workflow.



What is Zapier?

It’s a service that helps integrate applications without any coding.

When Zapier helps

  • You don’t know how to code, but you want to automate the process of transferring data from one application to a
  • You don’t want to wait a few weeks for programmers to set up i
  • You want to save money and not to give any data to o

The service has more than 1,000 applications that can be customized from regular Google Sheets to CRM systems.

Services that can be integrated via Zapier

How Zapier works The service helps you set up consistent data transfer to different applications. For example, you put a customer’s name and email in a Google spreadsheet. It takes this data and sends it to Contact List, adds to zohoCRM, and creates a card in Trello.



What is Calendly?

Calendly – a way to conveniently arrange calls and video conferences, ensures from endless notions like “I can Tuesday after 3 pm” or ” No, it is not good for me on Wednesday, I hate to leave”.

When Calendly helps

The user connects to the Calendly Google Calendar, indicates the duration of meetings and receives a link. He sends out this link to potential partners, customers or anyone else he wants to talk to on the phone. The counterparty sees the available slots of the link owner, chooses a convenient one, a few clicks, and the call is assigned. Confirmations are not required, Calendly has ensured that the time is convenient to both parties.



What is Basecamp?

Basecamp is a software solution for project management with a high level of cooperation. The software works for teams and enterprises of all sizes. It is perfectly suited for daily task tracking and organization. It allows you to keep all your work and work-related communications in one central location.

When Basecamp helps

Basecamp works more as a collaboration tool than a complete project management solution. Once you get used to the overloaded dashboard view, it is very easy to manage. Everything is laid out on one screen and you can easily access your projects and team members.

The chat platform and instant messaging system are convenient features. Automatic registration ensures that everyone is on the right page and Basecamp tries to make your work environment more interesting and fun.

Although the pricing structure is unified, users can pay more for the integration of other applications. This is due to the lack of certain tools such as time tracking, more detailed reports and billing. They can be integrated, but for a fee.



It’s a simple piece of software that allows you to track time and monitor progress of your tasks.

Monitask gives quantifiable insight into how you allocate your time on the project when you work as a freelancer, and it is even more helpful when you lead the remote team then you can monitor how your teammates spend their time at work. The application will take computer screenshots randomly or at intervals assigned by the, which can be reviewed and blurred online if there is any sensible info like passwords. No spying, only transparency.

These insights allow you to bill your clients for the worked time and you can easily get a proof of work. Also you can find gaps in your wort and find procrastination. There is a free plan for personal use.

Monitask features

  • Take and View Screenshots during work
  • Track Time
  • View Mouse and Keyboard Activity
  • View Online Timesheets
  • Generate Detailed Reports



Dropbox is a special service that allows you to store different files remotely and synchronize them on different computers. Each of us used flash drives to transfer some files. So Dropbox – it’s the same flash drive, only a virtual one, which does not need to be carried with you and each time you insert into your computer.

Why do you need the Dropbox

  • With Dropbox you can store important documents, personal files on the Internet and not worry about their safety, believe that Dropbox will take better care of it, and no one will see your files and can get them unless you allow it;
  • All your files that are stored in the cloud can be accessed by others, for example, you can throw a photo in the cloud and then give a link to someone to download them;
  • Initially you are given 2 GB of personal space for files, but you can easily increase it up to 25 GB;
  • On the computer, after installing the special software Dropbox, a folder will appear and all you throw there, all this machine will then appear in the cloud, it is very convenient.


What is Telegram

This is a free real-time messaging program. Suitable for virtually any device or operating system. There are versions for personal computers, smartphones, even an online version available.


When Telegram helps

  • Sending messages to colleagues, clients and friends.
  • Attach to messages any files (pictures, music, archives) up to 1.5 gb each, with no limits in number.
  • Expressing your emotions with funny stickers.
  • Creating group chats.
  • Using channels and bots.

What cool about it

  • The bots. Little helpers who execute your commands and automate routine operations. Special accounts in the system ready to answer questions and perform tasks.
  • Fastest message delivery
  • Protecting your data.



Zoom – service for videoconferences, online meetings and distance learning. Anyone who has created an account can arrange a meeting. A free account allows you to hold a video conference lasting 40 minutes.

The Wirecutter, owned by The New York Times, called Zoom “the best online meeting program for people working from home.

At the beginning of the year, few predicted that the spread of COVID-19 would have such an impact on our daily life and work environment.

As the coronavirus outbreak spread around the world, we become dependent on the home Internet, and for many, the dream of working from home has become a nightmare.

A lot of freelancers who are used to working remotely. However, countless employees who previously worked in the office are now forced to learn software to communicate over the Internet.

One of the key advantages of Zoom is simplicity, but that doesn’t mean that the platform lacks many advanced features that workers will find useful to improve their productivity.

The capabilities of the Zoom platform:

  • Holding of webinars and conferences.
  • Joint work with one screen.
  • Splitting into rooms to work together.
  • Share display from a smartphone.
  • Google Drive, Box, Dropbox integration.
  • Group chats with support for text, audio and media file exchange.
  • Availability of contact statuses.
  • Planning webinars in the program itself.
  • Ability to invite to the webinar through company contacts, by phone or email.
  • Work without delays and problems with video in Wi-Fi, 4G / 3G networks.
  • Cross platform (Windows, iOS, MAC)