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What To Do After a Car Accident When It’s Not Your Fault – 2024 Guide

by Edvard Berlusconi

We may be driving carefully, using a seatbelt, we may be doing everything by the book, but not all drivers follow the rules. Sometimes even a second is sufficient to completely change our lives. Car accidents happen. It is beyond our control. There is only so much we can do.

However, what happens when someone hits your car out of the blue? After the initial reaction of taking care of everyone and checking is there are any injuries, there are some legal actions that should be taken after. If this is your first accident (we hope it will be the last), then you need to get familiar with the way the process goes. Keep reading to find out more about the process, so you know how to handle the situation.

Call the police


This is the initial step that must be done. If there are no witnesses and you are not sure if anyone called the police, call them yourself. Tell them where you are and what happened. They will immediately tell the police officers to come. The dispatcher will send the paramedics if there are injured passengers.

Try to provide as much information as you can because that way you will get the best possible help. It is necessary to react fast, especially if there are any serious injuries to any party involved. This information is crucial to any driver, even if the accident didn’t occur. Accidents can occur at any moment and every driver should know how to handle the situation.

Get yourself checked


If there are any injuries, you should be treated. The medical report will then be crucial for further process. It is important to keep in mind that the person involved in an accident cannot be able to objectively assess the seriousness of the injuries because of the adrenalin rush. This is why it is important to let the professionals take care of you. According to Dordulian Law Group, delayed accident symptoms are common; many injuries don’t present for days or even weeks after a car accident. It’s important to note that many car accident injuries such as whiplash or a concussion may not manifest immediate symptoms. You may be seriously injured but not realize it in the moments immediately after a car accident.

The hospital will then have a thorough report of your condition that will be essential for getting paid for the compensation. If there is a need for surgery or any other form of treatment, it will be in the medical record. It is important to have all the information concerning your condition because the insurance company will need that report to further assess your claim.

Gather information


The moment you are able, you should gather all the necessary information about all the participants in the accident. Write down their names, addresses, and the insurance number, as well as the contact information of the people who witnessed the accident. Make sure you check all the information twice, so you are completely sure that you have the right ones.

However, it is important to remain calm and avoid blaming anyone or saying that you are sorry. This may lead to conflicts or some serious consequences later on. Accidents are stressful, that’s a fact. It can sometimes be hard to be objective, especially in situations that are as stressful as this one. However, it is necessary to find a way to keep your head cool and don’t make it worse with hasty reactions.

File a claim


If it is not your fault for the accident, it is necessary to file a third-party claim. It is a claim to the insurance company that is not yours. In this case, the insurance company is responsible for paying all the damages as well as the medical bills. All the damage caused and all the health issues that may arise will be covered by the insurance.

You will need to notify the insurance company that you have been involved in the car crash and provide all the information you have. They need to see the evidence, the police reports, the medical reports, and the statements of the witnesses. The insurance company will then make its own report and proceed further.

Hire an attorney


If the process is not going as smoothly as you would like it to go, you may need to hire a lawyer in order to be adequately represented. Sometimes it is necessary to file a lawsuit when the insurance claim is not giving results you expected. If you are not experienced in this field and simply don’t feel confident enough to take care of it on your own, hiring a lawyer may be the best choice you can make.

There are lawyers who specialize in this area, so they will fight for your compensation fiercely and help you get the most out of the situation. You should keep in mind that it is very important to react in a timely manner because there is a time limit. If you notice that the insurance company is stalling, that may be done intentionally. Talk to an experienced lawyer to understand your rights better. If you need help finding one, you can try a lawyer directory like jurisoffice.com.

It is not easy to be involved in an accident. Even if you don’t have injuries, it is stressful and can be pretty challenging to deal with. Take it seriously and ask for help if you notice that you are afraid to drive or you have flashbacks. It can be a sign that you are developing PTSD. Proper help is necessary for overcoming such a challenging situation. Talk to the people who can offer the support you need.

It is also very important to follow up on the legal actions you should take. Keep in mind that the timely reaction is crucial for getting the proper compensation for the damages that have been caused by the accident. As mentioned before, it is necessary to talk to professionals who will guide you throughout the process and help you with the right information that may completely change the course of action or speed up the process, depending on the situation. Ask everything you want to know because it is the only way to be sure that you are doing all the right things.