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What are The Top 8 Benefits of GPS Fleet Tracking – 2024 Guide

by Victoria Boatright

Fleet owners invest in a complete fleet of commercial vehicles for making deliveries and providing services to their clients. The owners and managers must find a better solution for keeping up with each truck and determining when it needs maintenance services and preventing possible losses.

GPS tracking services are highly beneficial for fleet owners, and the companies can hold their drivers more accountable. The details they receive from the GPS devices make servicing customers efficient and prevent the business owner from suffering a financial loss. Fleet owners review the benefits of GPS fleet tracking and determine if the devices are a great investment for their organization.

1. Knowing the Exact Location of the Fleet Truck

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Tracking the exact location of the fleet truck gives the company owner control over their vehicles and drivers. They can enforce rules and prevent the drivers from traveling into unauthorized areas or using the truck for personal purposes. Truck owners review the tracking devices and how the devices work by setting up an appointment with Particle today.

2. Giving Clients Updates About Their Shipment

Updating clients about their shipments gives them peace of mind, and the business establishes long-term relationships with their client base. Clients want to know when to expect their shipments and where the shipments are if the packages haven’t arrived yet. Using the GPS tracking devices helps the company get updated information about the fleet trucks and determine when the shipment will arrive. They can also use the information to determine if the drivers are stuck in traffic or road conditions are causing unwanted delays. The company could reroute the drivers and decrease the time it takes to deliver the products.

3. Reducing Fuel Costs

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By preventing the drivers from traveling in unauthorized areas, the company controls its fuel costs. Tracking the vehicle determines if the drivers are staying on the route or not. The information received from the tracking devices shows if the drivers go off course and gives the company owner a chance to rectify the situation. They can calculate how much they spend on fuel according to the mileage completed by each driver and devices better strategies for lowering overhead costs.

4. Better Fleet Truck Routing

Fleet owners use the GPS tracking devices to present the drivers with the company’s preferred route, and they can access the GPS device in each truck. When routing or updating routes, the business owner can guide their drivers when emergencies arise or dangerous weather conditions prevent the drivers from following the preferred route. The managers can track the drivers and give them information about sudden changes such as road closings or reports of down power lines or trees in the area. They track the trucks at all times and prevent the drivers from traveling into areas that increase the delivery time for the shipments.

5. Ensuring Compliance for Drivers

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Maintaining compliance with the federal regulations requires the owner and managers to know the location of the fleet trucks while the vehicles are on the road. They can track how long each driver has operated their vehicle and determine when drivers must take a resting period. The routes show how long each truck is on the road and when the trucks arrive at their destination. Federal laws require all drivers to take a resting period after all 12 to 14-hour shifts. The drivers must stop after 14 hours and take an 8-hour resting period before getting back on the road. Non-compliance increases the risk of accidents and penalties for the fleet owners.

6. Improving Productivity for the Drivers

It’s necessary to monitor the drivers to ensure higher productivity levels. If the drivers stay on the road and complete their routes as expected, the company makes more money. Keeping worker productivity at a higher rate helps the company achieve all their goals and increase their profits. It also ensures that the drivers are accounted for and stay on the route the entire time. All drivers must follow the designated routes to get the shipments to the customers on time. Managing productivity maximizes the company’s efforts and keeps shipments on schedule.

7. Locating the Truck After a Breakdown

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When delivering shipments frequently, there is always a probability of a breakdown, and they often happen unexpectedly. Using the GPS tracking devices makes it easier for the company to route a wrecker or repair service to the truck and prevent the drivers from becoming stranded. This is highly beneficial when breakdowns happen during extreme temperatures. The drivers won’t become stuck on the side of the road, and the fleet owner gets their truck repaired and back on the road. The tracking devices show the owners the exact location of the trucks, and they can use the address to find their trucks faster.

8. Recovering the Truck If It Is Stolen

If the fleet truck is stolen, the GPS tracking devices make it easier to find the vehicle and direct law enforcement to the perpetrator’s location. The business owner can review the location at any time as long as the device is active, and they can give officers updated details about the vehicle’s location if it is still mobile. They can also track down the vehicle once the criminals have abandoned it. Some designs may help the company disable the vehicle and prevent the thieves from getting away with the truck. Using the devices increases the potential for recovering the vehicle and preventing a financial loss.

Business owners purchase GPS tracking devices for their commercial vehicles. The devices give the owners real-time updates about the trucks and show their exact location. Using the GPS devices makes it easier for the managers to route the drivers according to the best route to the destination. They can also determine if their drivers stay on the route or make any unauthorized stops. The devices could give the owners information about drivers and determine what drivers are staying compliant with federal regulations. Businesses review all the great features of the GPS fleet tracking devices and discover what benefits the products provide them.