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10 Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

With nearly every child having a tablet or a smart device to aid their learning, parents are faced with a new headache. Parents want their children to watch the right content, evade cyberbullying, spend a healthy time on the screens, and remain within safe zones. While this looked far from possible, technology has made things as easy as pie. Currently, several cell phone tracker tools can help you track another phone for free. It doesn’t stop there either. If you lost or misplaced your phone, a cell phone tracker will help you detect and find your phone with ease. If you were stuck looking for the best cell phone tracker, then this article is here for you.

10 Free Apps to Track a Cell Phone Location for Free

Here are some of the top ten apps to track a cell phone location for free.

1. Famisafe

img source: famisafe.wondershare.com

Famisafe is one of the excellent cell phone tracker tools you can think of today. This amazing program is enriched with many magnificent features that transform the way you control, track and detect your children. Simply put, app is a complete package to protect your kids. This program allows parents to block inappropriate or unwanted websites, get activity reports, set time limits for specific apps, get alerts when suspicious content is detected, set smart screen time schedules, and track real-time locations.

In a nutshell, you save your kids from unwanted content, cyberbullying, and going into insecure locations. On the bright side, this cell phone tracker is fast, affordable, and easy to use.


  • This program can track the daily activities of the device. It feeds you with information about the apps deleted, installed and how much time is spent on an app.
  • It allows users to block unwanted or inappropriate websites.
  • This application makes it easier to find a real-time location, location history and impose geofencing on the device.
  • This program enables users to check app usage, impose app limits, and block apps by categories.
  • The applications give users instant alerts when a target cell phone receives a suspicious text, photos, or video.
  • This program protects up to 5 or 10 devices, depending on the plan.

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2. MSpy

MSpy is a popular cell phone tracker for parental control. With this cell phone tracker, you can check incoming and outgoing texts, check call history, and track the GPS location of the target phone. This program only runs on iPhone, iPad, and Android. The trial version of MSpy is free. However, the premium version with more features is pricey.

3. uMobix

img source: thetoolreport.com

uMobix is no doubt one of the finest free cell phone trackers worth giving a try. This program supports phone call tracking, access to the photo gallery, monitoring of text messages, and GPS location tracking. With uMobix, you can access the target cell phone in real-time and get screenshots on the same device. The downside of uMobix is that the free tier offers limited features and that one subscription is only available for one device.

4. Google Maps

Google Apps is one of the leading free navigation tools. If you want to find the desired location when driving, cycling, or walking, you never have to ask anyone anymore. Just go to Google Maps and search for the target location to find the shortest route. Again, you can leverage the location sharing function to trace the location of the target device. The good news is that you can locate more than one device for free with amazing accuracy. Thanks to the GPRS, GPS, and Wi-Fi support.

5. Geo-Tracker

img source: sparxitsolutions.com

Geo-Tracker is an Android cell phone location tracker tool used by several android users across the globe. Although it offers basic device tracking functionality, it is worth giving a try because it is free. Download Geo-Tracker from Google Play Store and trigger the tracking process.

6. iSharing

iSharing is another good cell phone tracking platform for lost devices. This phone tracker app makes your work seamless by allowing you to create various groups and communicate with contacts in real-time. Again, there is an inbuilt functionality that lets you access the location history of the members in the group you created. You can get real-time alerts, safety features such as panic alerts, and chat with group members.

7. Where’s My Droid

img source: play.google.com

As the name suggests, this cell phone tracking tool is specially designed for Android devices. Unlike many navigation devices, this application simplifies the way you track and locate the target device. With this free app, you don’t have to know the target user. You can access the target device and take a picture to locate it. Besides being free, this application is small-sized and thus takes less space and resources on your device.

8. Find My Device

Find My Device is a free, reliable cell phone tracking service for Android devices. You can monitor the target phone, tablet, or smartwatch from your Android device with this program. This application offers Google Maps support and lock or erases a device feature. A significant downside is that you cannot track the target device with the GPS alone. The internet connection must be on.

9. Life360

img source: life360.com

If you are an Android user, you probably have heard about Life360. Yes, this is nothing but a free Android cell phone tracker application you need. Although free, this app offers several features ranging from location sharing and history, location alerts, automated SOS, and crash detection. If you need advanced features, you need to upgrade to the premium version.

10. Glympse

Glympse is a web-based location tracking service available for Windows, iOS, and Android devices. This program lets you detect the location of the target device and its respective location history. Moreover, the Glympse online dashboard simplifies the way you access the location of the device being tracked. You can also share the location of another device by entering the respective ID. If you want to track the kids’ whereabouts, you can try Glympse.

Final Words

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There are plenty of free apps to track a cell phone for free. We haven’t exhausted all. However, finding the right tool is key to unlocking a fantastic location tracking experience. Whether you lost a device or just want to track and control your kids’ behavior, get the right cell phone tracker. Fortunately, this article has simplified everything for you. After going through this article, you won’t struggle to see that is the best free phone tracker for you. The incredible features, ease of use, and intuitive interface make it a must-have phone tracker app.