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Gianluca Vacchi Treats Girlfriend to a New Car

by Elsa Stringer

Italian millionaire and DJ Gianluca Vacchi, 52, called “sexy grandpa” by many, has been dating supermodel Sharon Fonseca, 28, for months. In Miami, he treated her to a birthday many can only dream of.


The main gift he gave to her was a brand new Range Rover specially custom made for the young model. The DJ had the gift ready and wrapped in a giant bow as soon as they touched down in Miami.


“When I landed in Miami, I finally had the chance to give Sharon her birthday surprise… and I wanted to share this special moment with you! Enjoy my Queen, happy birthday❤️!” said the millionaire.


Sharon cried with joy and happiness when she saw her mean and powerful new toy neatly wrapped in a red bow. She immediately tried how it suits her. Gianluca has been immensely happy with his girlfriend, and he is obviously in love.


Considering how often he changed girlfriends before her, one would think this is something truly special!

He was a true romantic for the whole day, which he started by surprising his love with breakfast in bed complete with white roses.
The video on Instagram has nearly 4 million views and 25,000 comments. Vacchi has over 14.7 million followers.

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