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Gaming Laptop vs Desktop – Which Team I Should Be?

by Elsa Stringer

Can you imagine that just fifty years earlier we have computers which were very large and take a lot of space in the room? Today we have more powerful and smaller computers than ever. Every year computers are smaller, lighter, and more practical.

In the article down below, we will compare gaming laptop vs desktop, to discover which performs better.

1. The GPU Power

GPU Power specification is the first thing you should know when you are about to buy a gaming system. The graphics cards are large and the most important part of the gaming system. That is not so important for gaming desktop because he is large and there is enough space for a card, but the laptop is much smaller, and it is challenging issue to put a large card into a small and light laptop.

GPU Power


• Size and weight- Inside the laptops, you have a smaller, mobile version of GPUs. They are much lighter than the standard version of GPUs in desktop because they need to fit the laptop interior and cannot jeopardize mass.
• Temperature- When the GPUs is working, it is very hot and it needs to be cool down. That means the GPU requires space and excellent cooling system inside the laptop.
• Performance- Sad truth is that mobile versions of GPUs are always weaker than the same versions in desktops.
The conclusion is that we cannot compare a desktop and a laptop when it comes to raw performance. The laptops have a price that is about twice as much as a gaming desktop with the same performance.
The solution can be to buy an external GPU and turn the ordinary laptop into a gaming one.
The first point goes to desktop when it comes to the GPU component. What about other components?
• CPU- Intel and AMD have lighter, mobile versions of processors, but they are weaker than same desktop versions.
• RAM- Laptops have much less RAM than desktop computers
• Storage- You will not install bonus HDD or SSD on your computer, but on desktop, you can. Laptops have limited space and that is the main flaw.
If you look closer to all of these departments’ desktop computer is a much better solution because you are faced with limited expandability when it comes to laptops.


In laptops, you have built-in displays, keyboards, and touchpads and that can be a sometimes good, and sometimes bad thing. When it comes to a desktop computer you must pay extra for all the peripherals but you choose them. Laptops peripherals you cannot choose, it is what you see is what you get.

Peripherals laptop


• Display- laptops have Full HD screens with 60 Hz refresh rates and a 15 to 17-inch diagonal. At tdesktop computer you have a choice about the monitor, and you can buy a monitor with higher resolution.
• Keyboard- All laptops have ordinary low-profile membrane keys.
• Touchpad/ Mouse- Touchpad is useless when it comes to playing games, to be a fast and quick shooter in the game you will need a good mouse. If you prefer playing games on your laptop you should buy a mouse and install too.
• Speakers and Microphone- Gaming laptops have pretty good built-in speakers and microphones, and if you want to buy headphones you will be satisfied.


When it comes to flexibility in laptops and desktop computers, we have two parameters; customizability and portability.


You can easily open your PC and customize and replace any component you wish, and you only need a basic knowledge about IT. When it comes to laptops you can hardly open and customize the laptop, and if you want to do that you must have special tools for that action. The desktop you can customize only with one screwdriver. Special tools for customizing laptops you can not buy at a local store.



When it comes to this parameter it is no doubt that points go to laptops because even when the gaming laptop weight 2kg, it is still lighter and smaller than the desktop computer.


The conclusion is easy and simple: gaming desktop is better than a gaming laptop in the most categories. Top three categories where laptop won over the desktop computer.
1. The price-performance ratio is much better.
2. Mobile variants of CPUs and GPUs cannot compare with better desktop versions.
3. The desktop can customize with the screwdriver, laptop can not.

Laptops only won in the category of portability because they are really light and small, and if you are traveling a lot this is a perfect choice for you.