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Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop 2024 : Which Is the Top Choice?

by Nebojša Vujinović

The most satisfying moment for the seasoned gamer is the availability of the top end performing laptop or desktop that offers the real thrill and rush when seated to modern gaming desk and seat that offers the wholesome ergonomic benefits. The powerful output resolution is vital for high graphics games that engage the gamer as a real-life experience.

The indecision whether to rely on modern gaming laptops or desktop is still a hard nut to crack for the all-time gamers. The need to fulfill the gaming market the laptops manufacturers have reinvented the requirements of high-performance Graphics Processing Units, resolutions in terms of DPI and the processing unit that handles maximum required speed with multi, quad, cores for ease of multithreading.

These properties are greatly encouraging laptop gamers. The availability of topnotch gaming laptops has highly been embraced by seasoned gamers for their high-performance game experience from livewiredev.com. This guide will offer the top considerable factors that make modern Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop to consider irrespective of the known desktop computer gaming.

Where is the difference in gaming between Laptops and Desktop computers in 2019?

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There are already underlying features that are well known concerning the laptop and desktop computers in gaming there are different factors that you should look at if, at indecision of Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop on which is the best, it’s advisable to scrutinize the advantages and disadvantages of both.



The modern trend in the innovation of technology has enabled every gamer who is on the move to consider enjoying the game anywhere and anytime. The lightweight manufacture of the top trend laptops is manageable to carry the device as opposed to the desktop which is tiresome to carry unless on a planned relocation. The cozy laptop handling no matter the surrounding area makes gamers on a competitive level.

The desktop gaming relies purposes on fixed location as the components are not compacted into one gadget. The laptop only requires a backpack to move around and engage in the multiplayer game anytime. The desktop requirement for extra seating position is outweighed by laptops which are comfortably handled when on our lap minimizing the space required hence the name (laptop). As most laptops can be bulky depending on the brand the gaming brands required a perfect carrier backpack.



When customization comes along for a perfect performance and upgrades desktop computers supersede the laptops in the gaming requirement customization. The readily available components for desktops and ease of replacement for the expandable manufactured features rank the desktop at high levels.

The tools required for desktop customizing are readily available, while the given understanding of the replaceable components is easy.

The desktop gaming customization is similar to plug and play for the replaced component the like PCI GPU is plugged then easily installation of the drivers makes the desktop manageable to customize with minimal technical know-how.

The gaming laptops are totally different when customization is a requirement, due to the manufacturer compact design and less expandability of the components makes the laptop hard to upgrade for the perfect gaming experience. The already complete compartment of the laptop components also requires a technical expert to upgrade the laptop.

The modern expandability of the laptop can only suit with the external components the GPU can only be connected externally for the graphics performance which loses the portability features.

The laptop does not support more than double expansion the main board, keyboard, display, processor, touchpad, speakers are all fixed in place and hard to fully customize for gaming purposes.

The onset to gaming laptop budget is the only way to begin your gaming exposure and experience stress-free without the need for upgrades and customization. The specific gaming function will initially be a consideration although the laptop can also be used for normal application.

The everyday realization and need for higher performance gaming encounter will be hindered if a decision has already been reached to purchase a certain brand. The everyday improvement in the gaming sphere will limit your low-performance laptop.


The perfect gaming experienced is achievable when the components are easy to use offering the maximum control of the game, this is not so for those who have experienced the laptop games. The use of the laptop touchpad is extremely troubling while the game requires the drag and drop and clicking functions that engage shooting and for strategic games, the touchpad will not suit the game. This will prompt for purchase of mouse to carry along while gaming unless the gaming controller is in use.

When such a scenario is reaching at the normal CPU casing is essential to carry along with the components like keyboard and mouse with an option of the available display screen for a successful gaming session as the gaming laptop will not suit all functions.


The extension of the gaming control keys is functional on the gaming laptops, although the membrane is the overall keys on the laptops. These laptop keyboard keys cannot withstand longtime press, hard pressing they all seem fragile so the need for a mechanical functioning keyboard available only with desktop computers. The modern gaming laptops do not support such keyboards.



The gaming experience is achieved when the output of the game is perfectly displayed and easily accessible on the display as this is the goal of gaming which attaches the gamer to the screen. The external display and variety of choice of the best and top clarity display screens offer an upper hand to the desktop gaming.

The measurement of the display unit is basically achieved by the diagonal measure in inches, gaming designed laptops range from 15 to 17 inches, full High-Density screen, 60 Hertz refresh rate. The weight and size depending on the screen size, the smaller the laptop the easy the portability backpack fitting.

The excellent fit in the desktop gaming display offers the perfect customization for the gaming experience where most components are expandable. The extension into the external connection of components also offers the laptop expansion to larger sized displays. The manufacture of various range of screen sizes with modern technology in the TV series offering VGA connectors your laptop gaming display experience is catered for.

the experience in the game suits well when the display choice is not limited to the normal size choose the top-notch screen with perfect resolution, color quality, experience maximum fulfilling and thrilling gaming time.

The connection of a laptop to a single output display is a disadvantage in comparison to the desktop multi-display connection gaming experience is an all surround with viewing offering a chance for game mastery. The more than one display layout in the desktop gaming offers large display while in the simulation or strategy gaming the output is comparable to virtual reality.

The display gives the real gaming experience for a single and multi-player game engagement.
On a wider perspective, the laptops are limited in terms of modification, as for the desktop gaming there is expansive room for improvement on all components ranging from the display, processor, GPU, external connection thus ranking the full buildup of a high-end gaming station.

Operation performance

The performance of a laptop designed for gaming at its peak throughput can only fit as a downgraded gaming desktop. The difference in the design of the laptops and desktops can be assumed in terms of portability, but all the components available in a desktop are also on the laptops but in a compact mode which restricts the flow of air in laptops, while desktop computers design greatly caters for maximum flow of air.

The desktops designed for gaming have extra spaces for additional components, storage, and the expandable parts have a perfect flow of air. The GPU of the laptops and desktops meant for gaming make their performance to differ.

The laptops are fitted with Intel processors and AMD in the mobile version which by far is not comparable to desktops gaming. The comparison between GTX 980M and GTX 980 performance differ largely, GTX 980M is prone to overheating. The laptops have an option of dual-GPU, while desktops range from Quadcore, with the extension of up to 8th core CPU.

The compact design of all components in the laptops makes them overheat which is the major problem when laptops are designed for gaming. The cooling fans and cooling components installed cannot offer enough cooling due to substantive power consumption and emission the gaming laptops undertakes. The laptop gaming uses the resources of all the connected components thus they cannot adopt the full utilization which leads to failure.

The performance of desktops gaming computers is way ahead when compared to laptops. Desktops offer a powerful gaming experience.



The surround sound is the optimal experience while gaming the modern gaming laptops are equipped with powerful performance sound. The days are gone when the laptops were designed with low-grade performance speakers.
The performance of an experienced gamer depends on the sound and display of the gaming computer. The better the laptop sound the fine the experience, the gaming sound should absorb all other surrounding noises to offer the top-notch gaming mood.

The desktop has more than one ways of boosting the sound performance the sound is comparable to a movie theater.
The gaming laptop cooling fan whirling may interfere with the sound of the laptop as you need both the cooling and surround effects.



The initial design of the laptops RAM expansion slots is limited to not more than 2 memory bank, thus the laptop memory stick has to be of high capacity which can limit upgrade. The most advisable approach while purchasing for a gaming laptop is high capacity RAM because the upgrading of RAM is tricky and requires the technical expertise to open up the laptop for memory upgrade.

The guarantee can be tampered with if the laptop undergoes opening up. Avoidance of all these processes can be achieved when the right sourcing of the top of range RAM capacity is considered.

The expansion of the storage devices is not possible with laptops as they are limited either to upgrade the high capacity hard drive or Solid State Drives. The laptops do not have room for extra drive.

As the games occupy large capacity on the drives the desktop offers maximum expandability of all storage device availability of SATA connectors for hard drive and Solid State Drives expansion.

Price in 2024


When acquiring a gaming computer the comparison in the cost is by far unattainable for a desktop computer for gaming is readily possible to design with a start budget of $1,000 while it’s impossible to purchase gaming laptop with such a budget. The laptops are twice expensive in comparison with the desktops.

The gaming desktops are readily available thus less costly and stress-free to gather them. Laptops for gaming don’t fit well with their attached monitor so the need for an external display, a keyboard that is projected for gaming, mouse so a gaming laptop is not complete while purchasing still requires extra fitting.

The life of a gamer is characterized by innovation, curiosity, and first-hand exposure to building a personal gaming desktop computer. The customized gaming desktop offer maximum confidence to the gamer as all building components are well tested and known. There is the limitation in the customization of a laptop the upgrade of the gaming desktop is gradual as the gamer experiences difference in performance.

Laptop improvement as gaming levels advances is limited. The slow performance will always require a budget plan for the modern top-end gaming laptop. The desktop performance degrade is boosted by components upgrade.

The choice of the best gaming computer will weigh the pros and cons of your Gaming Laptop vs. Desktop choice. The fundamental baseline for gaming experience is the investment in a modern ergonomic standardized gaming seat to enjoy your game.

Conclusion, desktop or laptop?

If you ask me, desktop is better solution! But, in any case if you want to check out a good resource for gaming laptops, we suggest checking out businesstravel.reviews for more information.