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Prefab Office Buildings – Why Companies Should Consider Modular Construction

by Ingeborg

Your company has grown, and you feel like it’s finally time to own your own offices and not operate under a lease with an expiration date. After all, who doesn’t want to be entirely their boss? Because of your business’s unique needs, you consider building your offices a much better solution than buying a property. However, constructing an office building from the ground up can be a time-consuming and complicated process.

When building a brand new office space, it’s crucial to have an accurate vision of how your business will develop in the future. If your business is successful, your company may quickly outgrow the existing office space, and you will need to expand your building, which will involve further costs and disrupt your operations.


But constructing a larger office building for your current needs (so that you have space to expand in the future) isn’t the best idea either. In the worst case, your business doesn’t grow so rapidly, and you’re left with the maintenance costs of space too large for your needs.

But if you opt to build your offices in a modular way, your choice doesn’t have to be a permanent decision. Today, many Australian businesses turn to modular construction to create flexible office spaces that can be reconfigured and rearranged according to demand. Here are just some of the reasons why prefab office buildings are such a good idea for modern companies.

Faster Build Time


When you need your own offices and need them super fact, nothing beats the modular construction speed. As opposed to traditionally constructed buildings, prefab office buildings provided by modular builders (read more) can be finished 30-40% faster. “How is this possible?”, you ask.

Modular offices can be built much faster because the unique construction process has a reduced risk of potential delays. Modular buildings are entirely constructed in a climate-controlled factory environment and with the help of state-of-the-art machines and production techniques. This means that there’s no need to ship the materials, equipment, and workforce on-site, which can prolong the construction process.

Plus, since whole construction takes place “indoors”, there’s no risk of delays due to bad weather or other outside factors, like closed roads. As a result, modular contractors can avoid all the setbacks common with on-site construction and give you a precise estimate of when the whole process will be finished.

Great Cost Savings


Building an office is an investment. It would be best if you were careful that you wouldn’t don’t exceed your budget and then lack the finances to outfit the office building’s interior properly. So, it makes sense to opt for a cost-efficient building solution like modular construction is.

The fact that a modular office building is constructed in a factory environment where all the machines, tools, equipment and materials are already present, means that there are no costs of continuously shipping things to the site. All of the transportation will take place in only a few days. What’s more, the faster build time also means that there are lower labor costs involved compared to traditional construction.

Superior Quality


By now, you’ve learned that modular office buildings are cheaper and faster to build. However, we often associate cheap and fast with low-quality. Does this also go for modular buildings? Not. The fact that modules are constructed in a controlled facility using state-of-the-art machinery reduces the risk of potential problems and faults. All the materials used for the construction of a modular building are safely kept indoors. This means that they aren’t exposed to any outside elements such as humidity, as opposed to a traditional construction site.

Additionally, modules are built to be stronger as to withstand the stress from transportation. Some leading manufacturers also use structural steel frames instead of cold-formed steel, which allows the buildings to be taller and stronger. Taking all of this into account, modular buildings are more durable and less likely to experience structural damage or develop mould.

What’s more, as every module is constructed as a separate unit, when they’re all assembled, each office room will have walls, ceilings, and double thickness. And this means that the whole building will experience fewer energy leaks, thus improving the energy-efficiency of your office space (socialnomics.net)

More Flexibility


As a company, you are bound to experience change as you’re growing. With that being said, it will be of great convenience if your workspace can also change and grow. When you opt for modular construction, your office space can be reconfigured and rearranged at any time in the future according to your needs.

For instance, if you plan to add a new department to your office or expand an existing one, you can have a new module constructed offsite and then have it transported and assembled in a timely manner with only minimal disruption. In other words, you can expand or reduce your spaces without having to close down your office for a significant amount of time due to construction work.

Great for Productivity


Due to the flexibility modular buildings have, you can have a greater say in the way your office space looks. This is of great importance, especially when you know that the office’s design can affect employees’ creativity and productivity.

Plus, modular offices are known for having better acoustics as they have a double layer of walls, floors, and ceilings due to the way separate modules are brought together. So, if you need to locate your business in a busy district or at an intersection, modular construction will allow you to have a soundproof environment that promotes focus.

Completely Portable


But perhaps the greatest advantage prefabricated office spaces have over traditional “stick-built” ones is relocating them anywhere and anytime. Say currently, your location doesn’t seem to result in a lot of clients. With a prefab office building, you always have the option to relocate to a more attractive part of the country without additional construction expenses.

Best of all, your operations won’t even have to experience much downtime as a portable office space can be transported to the new site and installed within a few days. On the other hand, leaving a stick-built building behind to relocate to a different site can be a significant loss of investment.