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What is Instagram and how to use it?

by Dangula Bingula

There are no official instructions on how to use Instagram, because users gradually understand the interface on their own. In order not to be mistaken when posting pictures or creating Stories, it’s enough to follow the tips below.

These rules will teach you to use Instagram correctly and interact with other users. In addition to the usual placement of photos and videos, you can write comments, follow other users, write hashtags and create IGTV. Read more about Instagram services to boost your profile.

What is Instagram?

The first social network based on photographs appeared in 2010. Users could upload photos of a certain size. Access was only through the application on the phone.

A little later, the browser version was launched, but the functions were limited only to viewing the profile.

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The original version has undergone many changes:

  • Recommendations. A separate section where users are shown publications that can attract their attention.
  • Search by hashtags and people. The application remembers the last requests.
  • IGTV and broadcast. The ability to run an online stream or publish a video of 60 minutes.
  • Stories. Disappearing photos – after 24 hours they will be saved in the “My Stories” section, but will not be visible to other users.
  • Filters and effects for photos. You can create a photo with the light of the rainbow or animation of animal ears.
  • Also, accounts were divided into regular and business. The second option is suitable for users who plan to advertise products or services through social networks. In Instagram, you can find online stores that sell appliances or clothing.

Step One: Registration

Instagram can also be used on a computer, but it is better to register via the mobile version. The social network offers to create a page using your Facebook account.

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Important: the profile is immediately connected and it takes the basic information. The application will ask: “Do I need to post photos on Facebook as well?” Answering affirmatively, all new posts on Instagram will be broadcast to Facebook.

  • To create a profile:
  • Open Play Market or App Store.
  • Enter the name “Instagram” in the search.
  • Download and install the application.
  • You can start with a new shortcut that will be added to the desktop. Before the user will appear on the main page, it will ask to enter the credentials from an existing profile or register a new one.

Step-by-step instructions on how to create an account:

  1. Open the application.
  2. On the main screen, select the function “Register”: specify either Facebook or via email (phone number).
  3. Choosing the second option, you need to enter the number and wait for the response code.
  4. The application will also ask you to set a personal photo, come up with a login and password.

After confirmation, the account becomes fully functional: the owner can change the specified nickname and come up with a new password. Next to the avatar, the Edit Profile button will appear. You can create an attractive description for the page, change your personal photo, specify a phone number or email address.

To log in from the web version to the social network, it is enough to use the login and password of an existing account. From the computer version, you can add comments, change the description of the page, but you cannot add photos.

Step two: publish your first photo

The user can upload photos, crop or add filters. Regarding the video, the maximum length is one minute. An editing panel is also available in the form of visual effects, selection of a cover or trimming the length of a video sequence.

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To publish the first picture, you can use the “Take a Photo” function or select the appropriate file from the mobile device gallery. In any of the cases, you need to confirm permission to request access to the camera and internal storage. Instructions:

  • Click on the “+” icon at the bottom of the screen.
  • Confirm the connection to the camera and gallery.
  • At the bottom choose “Photo” or “Gallery”.
  • Select a picture.
  • Wait for loading and go to edit.
  • Select a filter or adjust color correction – click on “Publish”.
  • If necessary, specify the location where the picture was taken, people in the photo (if there are any), and write a caption.
  • Click on “Save”. The image will immediately appear in your feed.

The same procedure applies to video. The differences are only in the editing panel, where the video sequence has frame correction.

You can also create a mini-album with a maximum of 10 photos. Followers will be able to view all the photos if they scroll through them right-to-left.

Delete post

If the photo came out unsuccessful, you can edit it again or delete it. To do this, go to the publication and click on the three dots above. A menu will appear, where one of the items is “Delete publication”.

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Step Three: Stories

Stories are a temporary publication that will be erased after 24 hours. Other users will see that a rainbow rim has appeared around a friend’s avatar. The profile owner can see those who viewed his Stories.

Like photos, Stories can be deleted simply by clicking on the “Delete History” button at the bottom of the publication.

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How to use Instagram Stories:

  • Click on your avatar being in profile or in the news feed.
  • A camera mode will appear where the user can take a picture of something through the front or main camera. If you want to publish a snapshot from your “Gallery”, click on the top of the icon “Images”.
  • The picture is selected and you can add various effects to it. For example, create an inscription or sticker. At the end of editing, click on the “Send” button. The application will ask where exactly to place the image – select “My Story”.
  • Wait for the upload to complete.