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Former WWE Star Called Donald Trump Stupid In a Twitter Rant

by Sinisav

THE MIX – 01/16/2020: A day doesn’t pass without someone calling out President Donald Trump on Twitter. Dave Bautista is the latest Hollywood star to do this. In a re-tweet to one of President’s tweets, former WWE star called out Trump for his grammar and called him a scumbag.

It is known that Bautista is not a fan of Trump, and he uses every opportunity to demonstrate this. Guardian of the Galaxy actor decided to go directly at POTUS, correcting his writing style and calling him names in the process. Dave claims that Trump would be better using decent grammar if he wants for his rhetoric tweets to make sense.

Donald Trump

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While anyone has the right to criticize others on Twitter, Bautista found judgment for the way he made his. Twitter users think that Bladerunner 2049 actor could be more polite even if he doesn’t like what Donald Trump represents.

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Bautista didn’t stop at his first tweet. He followed with another one. Dave obviously thinks that President Trump is stupid. Because of this, he prays to God, in his Tweet, for a debate between POTUS and Democrat presidential candidate Bernie Sanders. The former wrestler is pro-Democratic oriented and sides with Sanders for the upcoming elections.

In a case of the named debate, Bautista trusts Sanders to defeat Trump, who is, according to him intellectually inferior compared to Sanders. This is something you can’t know right now, but we are not sure that it would be a one-sided result. Seeing a debate of this kind would please most US citizens, but it gives no one reason to call Trump stupid, or as Bautista put it – President Dumb-Dumb.

In the end, Dave Bautista concluded that he needs none of this and that the impeachment will do, alluding to the upcoming trial, which could see Trump leaving the office before his mandate expires.

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