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Finding a Hotel to Suit You in Semarang: 6 Tips and Advice 

by Kim Marks

If you are already curious to read what is hidden behind this title, you must be an adventurer and a sociable person. Is there anything more beautiful than creating new memories on different, new, distant trips? Getting to know new cultures, people, their customs, tastes of food, and traditions, that’s something that makes us completely mad about travelling. You know that the hormone of happiness and adrenaline fills your body to a great extent while you’re visiting new places?

However, every trip is preceded by big preparations, especially if it is about further destinations, such as, for example, Semarang, Indonesia. Which flight to book, is a visa required for the desired destination, which is the most affordable transport, and an equally important question is which accommodation to choose that will suit your needs? Through which sales channel do you usually do this search? Do you follow global websites like booking and Airbnb, or do you have direct recommendations? Is the reason for visiting Semarang business or pleasure? These are just some of the questions you will need when choosing a hotel. To significantly save your time, effort and nerves, in the continuation of this text we will give you 6 tips and advice in the search for a hotel to suit you in Semarang.

1. Determine your travel budget

Of course, money is always the first thing to take care of. We are sure that you have already set aside a budget in advance that you can spend on the hotel. Semarang is a big city, the road of tourist attractions and tourists, because of that it is clear that it has a huge number of hotels. If by asking you got the information that Indonesia is expensive, well, you are wrong, at least when it comes to hotels. In fact, in Semarang you can find hotels that cost 15 dollars a night, but also those whose overnight stay costs up to 2,000 dollars. There is something for everyone’s pocket! Cheap hotels are not poor, bad, or with bad service, but they just don’t have the luxury. If you are going on this trip in large numbers, and you want to save money, we recommend hotels that have apartments with more beds.

2. Find good promotions and deals online

Source: businessinsider.com

We are sure that 95% of you are looking for accommodation for all your trips online. Thanks to the Internet, you can very easily find accommodation in Semarang from the comfortable armchair of our home. Browsing the aforementioned sales channels, you can very easily find many hotel offers in this city. We will draw your attention to some of the things that you could pay attention to again to save money. Most global sales channels, such as booking.com, offer various promotions to guests. For example, if you stay 7 or more nights in their hotel, you can get a discount, if you book accommodation via mobile phone, there is a promotion for that together with a discount, etc. Of course, each sales channel works on a percentage basis, so the hotel personally prefers direct reservations. So on this occasion, we advise you that after you see the price online, call the hotel and ask if their price is different from the one online. You will be amazed.

3. Always search for reviews!

Photos are the first thing that potential guest faces when they go to their accommodation, right? The better the photos, the better the first impression of the hotel. Also, the rating is always present either in the form of stars or a numerical number, right next to the name. It can also create a picture in your head of what kind of hotel it is. However, be careful and keep your eyes open. Not only in Semarang, but all over the world, photos and overall ratings can be insufficiently true. That’s why we advise you to carefully read and analyze guest reviews before booking a hotel. That is something that cannot lie. These are the experiences of people who have already been in that hotel and will reveal to you the objective image of the hotel. This is a very important step in the search for a hotel.

4. Determine the motive of the trip

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Are you traveling with a group of people who want new adventures, are you coming to Semerang on business, or do you want to enjoy a week’s vacation with your loved one? It is very important to determine the motive of the trip. Depending on your motive, you will think differently about the hotel you need. If you are a group of friends, maybe you should turn to the first chapter and read a bit more about cheaper hotel options. On the other hand, if you’re traveling with your partner, we guess you would love to have luxury, comfort, a great kitchen, and high service. In that case, Hotel Aruss has to offer everything you asked for. It is wonderful for romantic trips and holidays.

5. Hotel location

Another in a series of things that you should take into account. If you have already planned your trips, then you have indicated the places you will visit, right? We hope that your goal is not to waste a lot of time in the transfer from the hotel to the desired attractions. In this regard, the price of the hotel can vary significantly depending on its location. So keep in mind that those hotels that are very close to the city’s attractions will be more expensive, and those that are further from the central part of the city will be cheaper. So it is not an only luxury that affects the price, but also its location. For people who have a layover in Semarang, or are there for a very short time, hotels located near the main train station or perhaps the airport will suit them.

6. Walk-in guests

If you belong to a group of people who are total adventurers, then you would not be unfamiliar with the blind search for hotels. In other words, in that case, you can be a walk-in guest, which hotels love the most. Mostly fearless people, confident in themselves and eager for new challenges can do something like this. There is nothing wrong with that, on the contrary, it just takes a lot of will and time. You can also find out which hotel you like best from the local population. In this way, you may also discover some completely authentic hotels with the spirit of the city.

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These were just some of the ideas you can look into before going on your trip. Of course, to find accommodation that will best meet your requirements, we tried to find out and convey various ideas. Consider this quest a pastime and fun, because that’s exactly what it should be. Arm yourself with positive energy and go ahead!