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Going Through the Nitty-Gritties of Men’s Suits

by Tracy Finke

You may be wondering why there are so many different types of men’s suits. Well, there is a suit for every occasion! Whether you want to impress your boss or attend a black tie event, the right suit will make all the difference. In this blog post we will discuss some of the most popular types of suits and what they are best suited for.

Tailored vs Off the Rack: One major difference between both is that tailored means they are custom made for your body type while off-the-rack can be bought ready-made and don’t need tailoring.

Cotton vs Polyester: Two common fabrics used in different types of men’s suits are cotton and polyester, but which is better? They both have pros and cons depending on what you need. For example, if it’s an evening wedding in the summer months then a lightweight suit made from materials like linen or cotton may be more comfortable. On the other hand, if it’s a black tie event in the winter months then you might want to consider wearing something warmer like polyester or wool.

Men’s Suits vs Tuxedos: While we can have a whole new blog post on the differences between suits and tuxedos, but one of the most notable differences between men’s suits and tuxedos is that men’s suits are usually more casual than tuxedos while formal occasions such as proms or black tie events require tuxedos.

Pinstripe Suit

Source: therake.com

The next type of suit is pinstripe suits. These are the most classy and formal men’s wear you can purchase for your wardrobe.

Pinstripes give off a very professional look to it, so these types of suits should only be worn in office settings or important events like weddings. While they may seem heavy because of their sleek look, these types of suits are actually made from lightweight fabric. These are the most commonly worn during wintertime because they keep you nice and warm with their soft lining to protect your skin.

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Houndstooth Pattern

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Another unique type of pattern for men’s suits, houndstooth pattern is often also known as dogstooth or dog’s tooth.

It often boasts a combination of colors, like white and black or red and white. You will find quite a bit of variety in the actual patterns themselves, and these patterns are most suited for semi-formal or casual events.

Other Common Men’s Suit Patterns

Linen: A natural-fiber cloth traditionally made from the fibers of the flax plant. It is breathable and keeps you cool on a hot day but warm in winter months as well.

Checks: Pattern that uses repeated rectangular shapes broken into even or varying sizes.

Overplaids: A suit with an overplaid is not a pinstripe, but it’s unique all the same. An overplaid means there are two or more patterns on top of each other to create one pattern made up of abstract shapes and lines.

In addition to the overlapping colors, you’ll find different fabrics as well because this type of pattern will make use of the shirt, tie and jacket all at once.

Slim fit suit

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A slim fit suit is one of the most common types of men’s suits out there. It’s designed to follow the contours of a man’s body.

The right slim fit suit is going to offer a great fit that not only makes you look stylish but also feel comfortable. It’s one of the best ways to stand out at events like business meetings or black tie events without looking too attention-seeking.

Classic fit suit

The most traditional form of men’s suiting, characterized by a roomier cut and more fabric in the jacket. It offers ease of movement with no trimness to it at all. This type is best suited for larger gentlemen or those who like their clothing looser fitting without the worry that they look sloppy.

Modern fit suit

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A more casual version of the traditional cut, it features a slimmer silhouette that hugs the body better than classic or tailored fits. It is not as close-fitting as slim fit, however, and has less ease in movement because of this. Modern suits are best suited for men who want to look stylish without giving up comfort in their clothing.

Tailored fit suit

The most fashion-forward option, it is a combination of slim and modern fits. It has the best elements from these two cuts – close to the body but still structured like classic or tailored suits. This type of men’s suit is designed for professional men who want to look trendy without sacrificing any of the formal features that make a men’s suit traditional.

Corporate style: The most traditional form of business attire, also known as “power dressing.” It is characterized by a conservative dark color and little patterning. This type of dress code has been an established wardrobe for company presidents, attorneys and other professionals in positions of power for years.

Seersucker suit: It’s also a unique but relatively lesser-known type of men’s suit. It comes from a thin, puckered cotton that is typically striped.

Notch lapel: A suit with a notch lapel is also known as an “American cut.” This type of men’s suit features wide, angled notches at the top of each lapel.

Peak Lapels: Commonly paired with double-breasted suits or tuxedos, they feature pointed edges that go up and away from the body. Peak lapels are best suited to men with a strong, masculine jawline and plenty of height because the point upward helps create visual height as well.

Vents: A vent is an opening on either side or in back of a jacket for functional purposes such as movement; it’s also decorative since it can allow for more drape and a more flattering fit.

Single Breasted and Double Breasted Suits

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Another popular difference of choice is single breasted and double breasted suits. They are not too different but can still give you a very different look depending on your personality and other styling accessories.

Single breasted suit: It has a single column of buttons on the front, which makes it different from double-breasted suits that have two columns. Your choice of one or two vents also distinguishes this type from others – if you want only one vent in back, then it’s known as “center vent.” If you find yourself needing more space to move your arms comfortably, however, then go for a double-breasted suit because it will give you the extra room to flex.

Double breasted suit: This type of men’s suit has two columns of buttons on the front and is generally considered more formal than single breasted suits. It also features a much longer lapel that looks best with slim ties or bow ties.

Other Important Distinctions between Different Men’s Suits

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Italian cut: The Italian cut is a more fashion-forward version of the classic double breasted suit. It features slimmer lapels and notches, which creates a tighter fit than traditional suits even though it’s still considered formal attire.

Tuxedo or Dinner Jacket: A tuxedo or dinner jacket is always black and features a satin lapel. It is considered formal wear with its own set of rules, such as no neckties allowed (bow ties only) and it always has to be accompanied by black dress pants or tuxedo trousers.

Non-Suit Items: There are some clothing items that you can pair with your men’s suit, but are not technically considered part of it. These items include vests, neckties and cufflinks/studs. Suit jackets should always be worn with the same type of pants that they come with, while non-suit items can pair well depending on what you’re wearing them with or how formal your event is.