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How To Find The Perfect Holiday Cottage To Throw A Party Or Celebration?

by Tracy Finke

Whether you wish to throw a grand party this festive season or celebrate your birthday, anniversary, or success intimately with your loved ones, it’s time to move the celebrations out of your home for the first time. Rather than utilizing the space in your backyard or spacious halls and rooms inside your cozy dream home, why not change the venue this time and shock everyone?

While choosing an outdoor location, there are a lot of things one needs to consider, and among the long list, the thing that should be prioritized is selecting the right venue. Luckily, if you stay in the UK, you can access some stunning cottages with mesmerizing views situated far away from the cacophony of cities in locations that look no less than a dream. These cottages are perfect for family holidays and celebrations in every aspect.

A beautiful cottage overlooking the lush green forest and a calm river or a beautiful, desolate beach are what you need to spend your holidays or throw a grand party. However, you might find it overwhelming to choose among many options across the country. Therefore, making the right choice is very important.

The Planning

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Before seeking a dreamy cottage with breathtaking views, you need to have a plan. From people you want to join your celebration to their comfortable stay, you’ve got to care for many things. So before jumping into action, you must picture the whole thing in your mind, create a plan, and do not forget to create an estimated budget. Then, after you are done with the planning, you are free to look for that ideal spot. You can find here some large holiday lodges here in the UK if you are planning a grand celebration.

Factors To Consider Before Choosing A Venue

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There may be many holiday cottages near you, but choosing the right one must be a little confusing, but not anymore. By considering these factors before making your final decision, you can organize your plans much better.

The Budget

Before deciding to throw a luxurious party, there is one vital thing you need to pay attention to, and that is the budget. First, you need to estimate how much you are willing to spend, and the rest will depend on it largely. From the venue to decorations, everything will depend on your budget.

If your celebration involves fewer people, for instance, as few as 20 people, you can keep it simple and look after smaller venues. However, if it is a grand celebration, the budget and the expectations from the venue will undoubtedly be high.

The Venue And The Distance

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When searching online for the nearest venues, the distance matters the most. If it is a one-day plan, you wouldn’t want the venue to be very far from your area because this will cause great problems for the guests to arrive. However, you will always want the location to be convenient and easy to locate.

If it is a plan for days, a venue located on the city’s outskirts will be a good idea. After all, who would not love to stay surrounded by lush green forests overlooking the valley and a river?

Decorations And Menu

The decoration and the menu need to be decided according to your type of celebration. Is it going to be a wedding party, a birthday party, or a treat for your new promotion? Whatever the reason for the celebration, the decoration must fit into your budget and serve your purpose.

About the menu, you can decide with the family or leave it to the venue’s organizers. You can also choose a self-catering service which is a trend nowadays.


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When deciding on a venue far from your home, the accommodations play an integral role. Whether the party is for a single day or the celebrations will last a week, you need to ensure that your guests have enough rooms to rest. In addition, you must make sure that the venue offers cosy bedrooms and living rooms.

Adventures And Attractions Nearby

If you are staying at the venue with your family and selected guests for a few days, then you should ensure some adventure facilities or attractions are nearby to keep everyone entertained. You wouldn’t want everyone to feel bored and lose interest.


There’s another significant thing you need to take care of, how much parking space the venue has; if your guests are staying over, they must not have any worries about parking.

Finding The Perfect Holiday Cottage

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If you live in England, you can find the best holiday cottages in Wye Valley and the Forest Of Dean. Both locations are blessed with scenic beauty, some of the most beautiful age-old cottages offering top-notch services, and nearby breathtaking adventures.

Cottages in Wye Valley and Forest Of Dean are closest to river banks, vineyards, pubs and breweries, and markets. They are also the closest to off-beat attractions and adventures, such as less-trodden trails ideal for biking, boating and canoeing spots, pristine forest trails, caves and museums.

These cottages are situated in rich heritage locations and offer the most serene landscape views and off-beat adventures. You can experience so many things in a place while enjoying your celebrations. You can explore a wide variety of food and drink and simultaneously learn about local arts and crafts, history, sports, and much more. Some of these properties are even ideal for grand celebrations.

Final Thoughts

You must have an excellent plan for the upcoming party you are about to throw or the grand celebration you want your close ones to participate in, but a lot depends on how you execute it. Even if you have planned an exquisite menu or eye-catching decor, a lot depends on the venue you choose. So, this holiday, you must find a cottage that will be perfect in all senses and load you with compliments when the guests arrive. A beautiful venue away from the crowd will undoubtedly be the cherry on top.