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The Best Mountain Biking Trips the World Has to Offer

by Jajce d Muckic

Mountain biking is an exceptional sport not for the faint-hearted. It’s adrenalin packed activity that can be breathtaking, to say the least. It offers you a chance to witness some of the world’s most amazing mountains, as well as, experience riding them firsthand.

For those who thoroughly enjoy mountain biking, we have compiled an article that consists of the best mountain biking trips the world has to offer. You can also click here to learn more about mountain bike shorts.

1. Whistler, British Columbia, Canada

Whistler is an amazing place where all kinds of outdoor sports take place all year round. During the winter, the snow that this mountain generates makes it a perfect destination for skiers and snowboards. During the spring and summer, Whistler is the best destination for a mountain biking trip. The mountain offers more than 70 mountain biking trails, and some of them are considered very extreme.

2. Finale Ligure, Italy

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Finale Ligure gets the number two spot on our list because the geographical location, 62 miles of Nice and 31 miles of Genoa, makes it the perfect mountain biking destination. The exceptional mountains are full of unique features that only these Mediterranean hills can offer. It has plenty of biking trails, designed for beginners and pros alike. With some amazing trails that reach extreme altitudes, to some that every beginner can get behind, Finale Ligure will take you across villages, towns, and hills that you’ve never known existed.

3. Vermont, United States

The green mountain state is known because of …well… the amazing green mountains. However, these amazing green mountains are a mountain biker’s paradise. This small New England state is the heart and soul of environmental preservation. Much like Whistler, the mountains of Vermont are ideal for skiers and snowboarder during the winters. And they are ideal for mountain bikers as soon as the snow starts melting. With amazing mountains that stretch as far as the eye could see, Vermont is a place that should be discovered with a bike. The autumns are also another time of year that most mountain bikers go trailing since the beautiful colorful foliage is linearly breathtaking.

4. Sardinia, Italy

Img source: skedaddleitalia.com

Have you ever been to Sardinia? If not then what are you waiting for? The magnificent wild nature and breathtaking landscapes are what make this island a must-visit destination for mountain bikers and tourists alike. To add more magic to it, the turquoise sea and incredible local gastronomy make this island a dream destination for everyone. But we’re talking about mountain biking so we cannot miss the opportunity to talk about the amazing steep itineraries of limestone cliffs, mountain ranges, and hidden caves. A mountain bike trip to Sardinia is an experience you will never forget.

5. The Andes of Peru

Peru has some of the most gorgeous mountains ranges the world has to offer. From Lake Titicaca, the pampas, the alpacas, the beautiful Andes, and the beautiful Machu Picchu, Peru is a particularly interesting destination for any mountain biker. A lot of people go to Peru to see such geographical wonders, and they come back home more than pleased with what they’ve witnessed. Peru is a particularly interesting destination for mountain bikers because the Andes can be very harsh and it makes it ideal for adrenalin junkies.

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