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Filthy Rich Celebrities Found A Way To Cash In This Christmas Selling Items On Instagram

by Mary McFarren

Christmas is back and celebrities are not wasting time pushing pricey gifts onto their Instagram fans. Sparkly stockings and designer shiny boots are just some of the couture items that are being promoted by Victoria Beckham, Kourtney Kardashian, and Dua Lipa.

This season social media celebrity followers have been bombarded by expensive gifts that most of them cannot afford. The items have been heavily favored by famous socialites to try and sell the overpriced products. Here’s what was on the menu on the Instagram pages.

Dua Lipa

Source: Hello Magazine

One would expect that at least the essentials would come cheap. Think again. Dua Lipa is trying to push a fancy wrapping paper for $20. An animated image of Dua is trying to convince her audience to go for the pack of a dozen holiday cards for only 40 bucks. And if you’re looking for something to wrap, you can always get a $27 beanie. The 26-year old pop star is further advertising $105 sweats, $35 coffee mug that you can all put in a 40-dollar stocking.

Source: Instagram

Lipa’s net worth is estimated to be around $50 million, give or take a million.

Kourtney Kardashian

Source: The Sun

Poosh founder presented her fans with the 85-dollar stockings. To match the Christmas sparkly look, go get the silver high boots for $1300. No guarantee that you’ll look like 65 million bucks, which is the current financial worth of the reality star. Gifts are great, but you need to take care of your body too. So, to help you out, Kourtney came up with the $104.99 detox package that will be delivered to your door. Take care of yourselves people!

Source: Instagram

Victoria Beckham

Source: Pinterest

Wanna look posh this season? Then you better hurry and get those $1300 boots. For a Christmasy look, you better get the seasonal sweater for only $590. Some other must-have items on Victoria’s list are $130 T-shirt, $105 hats, $600 waist belt, $500 for couture pajamas, $350 scarves, and $60 slippers. All in all, you’ll be ready for a Christmas morning for under $3000. What a steal when you have $450 million on the bank account!

Source: Instagram

Last year Christmas was canceled due to the pandemic. The numbers were rising around the world setting in the unavoidable panic and fear of the disease. This year is different. Although the Covid is still present, we feel more relaxed and free to go and celebrate all holidays, including Christmas. Since last year felt lonely, everyone is looking to make up for the lost joy. Still, going overboard will put you in dire straits in just a few months. So, celebrate, shop, and give within reason. We are still lingering between being corona-free and locked up. Nothing is known for sure, so act accordingly. Don’t regret your choices. Christmas lasts only one day, you have 364 more to go until the next one. Celebrate smartly. Focus on your loved ones instead of the gifts and you’ll surely have a great holiday season regardless of your budget.