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Top Ferrari Models That Will Never go Out of Style

by Nebojša Vujinović

Ferrari is a top car brand, and one of the most iconic ones in the history of the auto industry. No one can argue this. If we tried to count all the cars they shipped from their factories the list would be too long. Instead, we are going to focus only on a few unique models that might be forgotten but their style remains endless. Don’t be shocked if you now finally understand that some models belong to this Italian manufacturer, while you believed otherwise for too long. Enzo Ferrari started something great back in 1947, and the fairy tale from Maranello still runs strong even today. Let’s take a look at top Ferrari models that will never go out of style.

Ferrari 365 Tre Posti

Enzo Ferrari was and remained a synonym for a sports car. But he refused to make a mid-engine vehicle for all roads. Luckily his coworkers Sergio Pininfarina and Aldo Brovarone thought otherwise. Their ideas gave birth to Ferrari 365 Tre Posti in 1965. Enzo later followed suit with models such as Dino and 365 Boxer Berlinetta. Companies such as McLaren also saw inspiration in this design.

Source: conceptcarz.com

Ferrari 208 GTB

This was a tax-payers dream sports car considering it was based on a 2.0-liter V8 engine which was in line with the Italian taxes at the time which aimed at higher power engines. The production as you could have guessed lasted not for too long as it was in production for a brief period back in 1908 through 1981. Its design was good for the time, and it looked like a Ferrari. The one thing that lacked was the speed as under the bonnet it only had 150hp. This was one of those models that were a lesson well learned for this company and showed them the direction in which to head to a brighter future.

Ferrari Testarossa

This one has songs sung about itself in the Balkans by famous rappers despite being older than the named singers. It was quite a symbol of its age with its unprecedented 12-cylinder mill. It was one of those models created to appeal to the youth and without a doubt, it succeeded in doing so. The Testarossa came with a 390 horsepower behind its back and remains in the books as one of the last models ever to come out pouncing with a flat-12 engine.

Source: technologyshout.com

Ferrari 365 GTC/4

This Italian company tried to make a statement with this model, but despite their effort, many people compared this car to Daytona. Unlike the latter, it was much cheaper, and on the market for a brief period from 1971-1972. It was a rather peculiar model for its time, and because of this, it was dubbed as The Hunchback. The power of this model came from its 4.4-liter V12 engine. When we look at it now, it surpasses Daytona in many ways, the design is only one of them. Today it’s much more worth compared to the day when it was made, going for anything between $150,000 and $250,000. Yes, it’s a collector item that can even reach the staggering half a million price tag.

Source: classicdigest.com

Ferrari 365GT4

Now, this is a model that Ferrari stayed loyal to considering it was manufactured for 17 tears starting in 1976. Of course that during those years it underwent many changes some of them including the change of names. The thing that most people have to say about this car comes in the what we see not as a negative connotation is that it looks too Japanese and that it lacks that Italian charm. You can’t say much bad about its 4.4-liter Colombo V12 mill which is quite awesome. The downside of this engine is that the transmission was handled by a Hydra-Matic 400 3-speed gearbox. Yes, that’s the same one General Motors used for their trucks. Yikes! It is an excellent piece of equipment but not quite something you’d like in your sports car.

Source: artebellum.com

Ferrari F40

This was a model made for the 40th anniversary of this great company. And it was a sight to behold. They decided to outdo themselves and anything is ever done before by pushing 470 horsepower under the hood of this beauty. Back in 1987, this was a state-of-the-art model like nothing seen till that day. Even the Porsche’s 959 models had to stand on the side of the road for this one to pass by. Its V8 is one for the school books, and its design will probably never be forgotten. If you have ever been in a mechanic shop, you probably saw one of these hanging on the walls.

Ferrari 348

Like you already know, Enzo left a deep mark on the car industry and this was his final testament in the form of a V8 Ferrari. It is the famed Ferrari 348. It wasn’t a marvel as you would have thought with people such as Patrick Bedard who is associated with Car And Driver compared it to GMC Syclone which is a truck. The reason is of course the 280 horsepower under the bonnet, all-wheel drive, and the turbocharged engine. But this was not enough for this vehicle to make a mark on the industry, and you can get your hands on this model for as much as $65,000.

Source: classic-trader.com

Ferrari Mondial

This is a model that’s hard to defend. But, despite being dubbed a failure by the world back then, it still managed to be a role model for some. Just take a look at Koenigsegg Gemera. Being in production for thirteen years means Ferrari did something good with this mid-engine four-seated car. We can’t tell you what it is considering that this model struggled or 9.3 seconds to reach 60mph despite being powered by a 3.0-liter V8 powerplant. It has something to do with lowly 205 horsepower. What makes this model appealing to many people is the fact that you can now own a Ferrari for less than $20,000. Now, that’s a bargain.

Source: autoslavia.com