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Bradley Cooper Car Collection Isn’t What You Expect

by Nebojša Vujinović

As you could expect a Hollywood superstar such as Bradley Cooper owns a massive car collection. But, this guy, The American Sniper is more a motorcycle person than anything else. Those who live in LA often see him driving one of his favorite two-wheelers. I this department he’s not too picky; the one thing that matters is the two wheels. This is why you’ll see him driving a new bike or any of the classics he owns. But, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t have any cars to his name. Of course, he does. We’re going to cover them all in this article.

BMW HP4 Motorbike

While some of the pieces on this list represent classics, Bradley also has an eye for a bit younger pieces. This two-wheeler is intended for race tracks, and it is used predominantly as a racing bike. You can have it for merely $80,000, which is not that much if you are a multi-millionaire. It’s quite less compared to some of the vehicles we have on this list.

Source: hotcars.com

Maserati GranTurismo

Cooper cherishes Italy in his choices when it comes to cars and bikes. This one is a luxury car that is useful in more ways than one, as it’s closest to a regular car as anything Cooper owns, minus the Prius. Despite being only a car, this one is rather potent which is testified by its 178mph top speed created by a V8 engine.

Source: autoevolution.com

KTM Superbike

As you could assume this one is the priciest piece in his bike collection. But it’s not the price that sets it part it’s the orange-while color that you can’t miss. This beauty can go up to 140mph. This bike is so fast that it will no longer be available for general sale due to the danger it possess to the driver and other participants in traffic. This is no issue for Cooper, as he already has one.

Source: autoevolution.com

Red Triumph Thruxton

It would seem that Cooper has a thing for red motorcycles. Both Vespa and Red Triumph Thruxton are red-colored. This is a vintage model and The Limitless actor holds this in high regard. This is one of these models that haven’t been on the market for a while but then were reinstated to the market. It is based on the old Bonneville Thruxton that were first made in the first years after World War II.

Source: hotcars.com

Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon

This is a far cry from what Toyota Prius represents, if you are interested in tires for your Toyota Prius, then you should check this out on Drivingpress.com. If you follow this list carefully you probably know that there isn’t a celeb not owning one. From Justin Bieber, across Kylie Jenner and Tyga, to David Beckham, everyone has a G-Wagon.

Source: carzone.ie

Toyota Prius

Not what you expected? Neither did we. Bradley is an environmentalist, so while his bikes do not tend to our nature kindly, Prius certainly does. It’s all about the balance. The Silver Linings actors do their share by owning this Japanese green car. You already know that this model is one of the best selling in the world, so maybe that’s the part of an appeal that it has for Bradley. Or maybe just one of his friends recommended it, as many A-listers own one.

Source: hotcars.com

Vespa Scooter

Like we said, while Coopers has a car or two in his garage, his first low are bikes. But, he’s not a speed maniac, and this is where this model comes in at the front door. If you have ever been to Europe and especially to Italy you know how popular these models are. The charm they possess certainly left a mark on this Hollywood playboy. It would seem that Cooper fell in love with this particular model while he was staying in Paris.

Source: justjared.com

Black Triumph Thruxton

There’s a love relationship between Cooper and Triumph Thruxton. It is evident if you take a look at this model in his garage. For Bradley, one color just won’t do the thing. This could be the crown jewel of his collection as this bike follows him on his journey for the roles he has. That says more than words.

Source: pinterest.com

Ducati 1199 Panigale Motorbike

This is another unique piece of Cooper’s collection as this bike was manufactured in a time frame from 2012-2014 before production seized. It is another superbike as it is capable of 177mph which is quite substantial considering it is a motorcycle.

Ford Mustang

Another brilliant car waiting to get into this actor’s collection. As of now, Bradley still doesn’t own this model, but he wants to. We’re not talking about any Mustang, but about a 1965 Ford Mustang. This is a car that his father owned back in the day when Bradley was a little kid. Considering his wealth right now, we believe that he’s going to get one real soon.

Source: pinterest.com