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Favorite Scents Worn By The Royal Dames – From Lady Diana To Meghan Markle

by Mary McFarren

Ladies of the Royal family were always setting the standards when it comes to fashion. Extravagant hats, couture clothes, bags, and shoes are the staple of every monarch and its family members. Still, some personal details were always kept off-limits for the general public. Like favorite scents that were worn by the dames.

A few decades ago it would be considered inappropriate to reveal princesses’ hairstylists, favorite fashion designers, and especially something more intimate – like perfumes. Today, the monarchy is trying to keep up with modern times, so the Queen herself, as well as the ones waiting in line, are much more liberal. Traditional values and protocols are still a huge part of their lives, and probably always will be, but today we are allowed a little peek into their daily, ordinary routines. Let’s see which scents princesses can’t live without.

Meghan Markle

Image source: vanityfair.com

The Duchess has been more open than many other royals about her personal habits. Leaving the home without any fragrance on is for Markle unthinkable. So much so, that she would go back in case she accidentally forgot to put any. In an interview, the Duchess of Sussex once said: “If I leave the house and I don’t put any on, I’ll turn around and go back home”. As far as her favorites, there are several that Mehan switches between. The absolute favorite is Jo Malone’s “Wild Bluebell and Wood Sage & Sea Salt”. On her wedding day, however, she chose a classic scent by Floris London.

Kate Middleton

source: assets.vogue.com

As usual, Kate remained loyal to the tradition on her wedding day. For her special day, the Duchess of Cambridge smelled like gardenias, choosing White Gardenia Petals by UK perfumer Illuminum. Very appropriate considering that the wedding was held in May. The scent is described as a subtle fragrance with the note of summer breeze, lilies, and jasmine. Very classy.

Queen Elizabeth II

Source: Instagram.com/Getty Images

As expected, the Queen stayed true to the classic scents throughout her reign. The 95-year old monarch always wears Guerlain’s L’Heure Bleue. The perfume carries a lot of different notes, like anise, coriander, and lemon with a hint of Bulgarian rose, violet, jasmine, and vanilla. The fragrance was first produced in 1912. However, for her wedding in 1947, Queen Elizabeth II chose the classic Floris London that eventually earned to carry A Royal Warrant, meaning that many monarchs regularly choose their products.

Lady Diana


Source: Marie Claire

The Princess who revived the monarchy, eventually calling herself “The People’s Princess” never spoke about her personal favorites. The Princess of Wales died in 1997, but the interest in her life never ceased. Her hairstylist revealed in 2014 that Diana loved classic notes, like “Diorissimo” by Dior, but also often wore Penhaligon’s Bluebell perfume. On her wedding day, in 1981, Lady Diana wore the French fragrance Houbigant’s Quelques Fleurs.