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How to use PEMF and Infrared Therapy for Healing? – 2024 Guide

by Tracy Finke

PEMF Therapy is equivalent to the Magnetic Frequency of Earth (Exactly 7.8) which helps as a Source of Healing for the Body. It is also used as a strong Healing Tool for the setting of CNS, the Muscle Recovery Process, providing strength to the Immune System and enhancing health at Cellular Level. Astronauts also use the similar Therapy of PEMF plus Infrared to get a recovery from Space Missions debilitation.

What is a PEMF Therapy?

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It is known as Pulsed Electromagnetic Field PEMF Therapy which sends Low Levels Magnetic Frequencies’ burst directly into the body of a Person, which penetrates through the skin at the cellular level and heals Bones, Muscles, Tendons, and Organs through cell stimulation.

It’s a Non Invasive Method of treatment for treating Chronic Pains, Injuries, and Chronic impairments like Diabetes or Depression. The pattern of treatment is Inside Out Recovery. The Clinical Primary uses of the PEMF Therapy have been observed by Practitioners in the alternative, Functional, Integrative, and fields related to complimentary Fields.

In order to get PEMF Therapy, a PEMF Machine is used, either in the form of PEMF Mats or Pad. With its growing emergence of affordability, extremely efficient HealthyLine PEMF Mats are available in portable or wearable forms.

It helps in Providing these Functions mentioned below:

  • Better circulation of Blood
  • Chronic Pain reduction
  • Enhanced muscle performance and relaxation
  • Reduced swelling and inflammation
  • Improving oxygenation at tissue Level
  • Cellular recovery and repair
  • Enhanced Body Immune system
  • Aids in Better sleep Cycle.
  • Helps in Anti-Aging
  • Stimulating HGH and Melatonin Hormones Production.
  • Improving Cellular Regeneration
  • Works by stimulating ANS of Body
  • Astronauts use PEMF as it helps in tissue Growth (Lack of gravity impacts bones, muscles, and cardiovascular system. The transition of astronauts from one gravity field to another is an intense experience that requires some time for them to adopt,” reported by one article)

How to Use it?

According to this website, the rate to use the PEMF Therapy depends on outcome Health desire. For chronic pain conditions, requires a different treatment method as compared to recovering from a broken bone or Surgery.

1. Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy devices like PEMF Mats, can be used every single day.

2. You can use these Mats multiple times each day.

3. On average, PEMF complete Therapy recommends 30 Minutes PEMF sessions Twice-a-Day.

Defining Infrared Therapy:

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Infrared Therapy is an innovative Light-based Treatment Method. It’s a form of new drug-free Treatment approach in Treating Chronic Pains & promoting Inflammation Reduction, Wound Healing Process, Functional Restoration in modulating Molecular responses, and Biochemical Reactions with its ability, owing to the Penetration Power. The Physical properties of Infrared Therapy(800-830 nm) and its interaction with the skin describe its efficacy of Regeneration, Wound Repair, and Dermal Wound Healing.

Unlike Ultraviolet Light, which damages the Skin, Infrared Light enhances cell regeneration. It is applied to the site of the Inflammation or Injury at a particular Wavelength, promoting its cell and Tissue Repair.

It has the same Process as PEMF Therapy, Penetration into the Deep Skin layers while providing better relief from Pain, as its key Characteristic. It is Natural, Safe, Painless, and Non-Invasive. It Provides a very Broad Range of Health-related Benefits.

How to Use it?

It is often used for heating purposes. It is recommended to initiate with a commitment of about 20 Minutes 3to 5 Times per week for the very first 1 to 4 Weeks. Then it can be used 2 to 3 times per week for the following 4 to 12 weeks and Finally 1 to 2 times per week to maintain the results.

PEMF Therapy with Infrared:

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PEMF is not ONLY the Natural way of stimulating healing. It is used with Infrared Therapy to double its productivity Results. The PEMF Mats are used with Infrared sauna Blankets to offer heat into the Body.

Together, deeply penetrates the body in order to stimulate better blood circulation and flow, reducing Tension & Inflammation, promoting cellular Detoxification. PEMF pulses relax the Autonomic Nervous System, providing a Healthy Glow helping the Body relax, and switching into the Healing Mode. It’s the same as Recharging the batteries of the body with Electronic Pulsing and Heat.

When heat from Infrared Therapy Blanket is transferred into the body, it induces healing vibrations, bringing better Blood Circulation and Relaxation. The CNS system gets into the Rest mode, improving the natural Recovery Process, giving the same results equivalent to an hour of Meditation or Yoga.

The PEMF and Infrared Light Therapy together work to reduce the Viral Load of critically COVID-19 ill Patients. It also offers a very Safe & Cost-effective Alternative treatment plan for neurodegenerative diseases.

Some other beneficial uses of PEMF plus Infrared Light Therapy includes the following;

  • Cardiovascular Health;

img source: health.harvard.edu

1. Production of Nitric Oxide (vital molecule for blood vessels)

2. Combating Free Radicals to avoid oxidative Stress

3. Regulating Blood Pressure

  • Pain & Inflammation:

1. Improving Blood Circulation

2. Ease Pain

3. Relieve Inflammation

4. Preventing against Oxidative stress

  • Muscular Injuries:

1. Improving the Mitochondrial Action within the cells.

2. Triggering Growth and Repair of Muscular Cells & Tissues.

3. Fasten the repair Process after any Muscular Injury

  • Detoxification:

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1. Strengthening the Immune System through detoxification by increasing the temperature of the core of the Body.

2. Aids in Biochemical Processes to Function with complete efficacy

3. Improving Food Digestion

  • Potential Cure for Cancer

1. Activation of nano-particles, rendering it highly toxic to the surrounding Cells of Cancer.

2. Uses conjugating Anti-body Photo absorber Complex which binds to the Cancer Cells.

Risks Associated with PEMF and Infrared Therapies:

Normally Humans are exposed to several radiations daily, one of those forms of radiation includes the Heat from Sun. Although PEMF and Infrared Therapies are today in-demand therapies, the experts warn for the possible Health risk factors as well. The body could be exposed to Heat or Thermal Injuries, depending upon the Frequencies & Wavelengths. Thermal Injuries can happen even without Pains. Pregnant women, People with Heart Diseases, and extremely Ill people are contraindicated for using these Therapies.


The General trends are observed that the PEMF Therapy with Infrared Light Therapy has benefits that have been observed for a very broad range of applications. The most common among these are the injury recovery and pain relief, while it has shown no observed serious and permanent adverse effects on the Patients yet. PEMF is widely used both by clinicians and individuals for an average of 6 or 7 different health-related conditions.