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Factors to Consider When Buying Electric Bikes

by Elsa Stringer

Nowadays, Earth is in danger due to increasing pollution due to various fuel-based vehicles. It is not possible to stop everyone and shift to environment-friendly things. But a small change can contribute to a significant change in society. Many people are now buying electric bikes to prevent pollution and go where they want to go. These bicycles are not only suitable for going from one place to another but also for adventurous rides.

Do you want to buy an e-bike? If yes, then you should consider certain factors while buying an electric bike. Everyone wants to invest their hard-earned money on the right product, and it is quite challenging to get it repeatedly. If you consider these factors well, then you purchase the right product according to your requirements. Let us check out the factors in detail.

1. Know What You Want


It is necessary to know what is the purpose for you to buy an electric bike. Check your requirements and then, look for possible options. Every person has a different preference in terms of comfort, riding small or large distances, heavy and sturdy motor, highly-efficient battery, bicycle for climbing mountains, and much more. You need to consider what you need and buy a suitable one for yourself.

2. Set Up Your Budget


Whenever you want to purchase anything, it is necessary to set up a budget. After doing so, you need to check what features you are getting at that price. You can also change the budget a bit according to your preference and the options you are getting. You can visit ponfish.com if you want to buy an electric bike under $1000. Exploring a good option takes time, but it is worth your efforts.

3. Taking Test Ride


Getting a bicycle is quite confusing when you want to choose anyone from many options. After comparing your requirements, when you select some, then do not forget to take the test drive. It is an essential factor to judge whether you are purchasing the right e-bike that satisfies your needs. A test drive will help you know some factors like comfortability, smoothness, quality, durability, and much more.

4. Check the Warranty

The price of the bicycle does not matter whether it is expensive or cheap. It is necessary to check whether the company is providing a warranty period for the repairs or exchanging parts. After going through the warranty period, you must invest your money. Usually, many companies offer at least two years of warranty on motor, battery and other parts. Make the deal only when you are getting the satisfactory one.

5. Pick the Right E-bike Class


When you explore different models of these bicycles, then you will find three classes that are:

  • Class 1: If you want the maximum speed of 20 MPH, then you must look for this model. It is a Pedal Assist e-bike, which is abbreviated as PAS. Various sensors help you to tell your pedal cadence. It is easy to track your performance very well.
  • Class 2: It includes throttle, and the speed of these bikes go beyond the Class 1 model bicycles. The motor in it boosts its speed, but it is not that fast than Class 3 models.
  • Class 3: These are also pedal-assist bikes with a maximum speed of 28 MPH. There is a feature of throttle in these bicycles, but these are considerably sturdy because it can carry heavy loads. You can easily climb the mountains and get an adventurous ride.

6. Check the Performance

In good e-bikes, the auto parts are quite excellent. It gives a fantastic experience to the rider because it comes with PAS technology. The lifespan of high-performing bicycles as long as compared to the low-grade ones. If you go for the low price, then the auto parts will not be that much good. Ensure that you are investing in the right product. You must check out its performance and finalize your choice.

7. Check the Riding Range


Every bicycle has a different riding range, but it can be affected due to many natural factors like wind, steepness of hills, the ability of the rider, type of terrain, weight, etc. These factors affect the performance of the bike, and hence, you can get many issues while handling it.

The range depends on the size of the motor, but if your e-bike comes with a large motor, then it will consume the battery quickly. There are different types of PAS sensors that can add up the distance with high speed. The size and types of tires also affect the riding range.

8. Check Variety in E-bikes


There are three main categories of e-bikes, like:

  • Pedal Assist: The rider needs to pedal the bike for riding it. He can adjust the assistance level according to his preference. It can be low to high or vice versa.
  • Pedal Assist with Throttle: A rider can pedal the bike but if we press the throttle, then he will activate the motor. You can relax for some time and start pedalling later.
  • High-Speed Pedal Assist: If you want to ride quickly, or you are taking part in any bicycle competition, then you must choose this one. It is easy to cross the traffic quickly by overtaking other riders. It is perfect for professional bicycle riders.

9. Check the Batteries


E-bikes come with batteries with different wattage and performance level. In expensive or branded bicycles, you will get good Lithium-ion batteries that can operate for 4 to 6 hours. There is less battery range in cheap bikes. If you are going for an adventure on hills, then a significant burden will be on the motor. It will consume the battery and drain it quickly. It is easy to charge them with the help of the power cord.

10. Types of Motors


There are two types of motors in e-bikes:

  • Hub Drive: If you want a silent and powerful motor, then you should pick this one. You can go to the mountains but not the steep ones, fun activities, etc.
  • Mid Drive: It is a noisy motor, and it does not provide the same power to the tires as compared to Hub drive. But it is impressive on steep mountains and carries heavy loads.