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Top 9 Reasons to Use External Hard Drive for Data Storage In 2024

by Victoria Boatright

Technology has been evolving at a fast pace, and with different types of secondary storage systems, the data storing processes have experienced a great shift too. Nowadays, everything is stored on secondary storage that is separate from the computer for extra and sensitive information. We all know that the primary hard drive space in the CPUs is limited in size and because the secondary storage devices can store as much you want, using an external HDD is indeed a wise idea.

Now, you might think that you do not need one because there is not much data at your end to handle. Well, that is fine at a personal level; but if you are soon starting a business or running one successfully, there are reasons to convince you to quickly investing and start using one. In this article, I have given reasoning to back my advice –

1. Immense Capacity

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Organizations that have loads of data cannot rely on the capacity of internal hard drives of computers. Anything more is less for them. So, a major reason that I see for the increasing demand in external hard drives usage is more requirement of storage capacity. Generally, flash drives cannot hold large data and video files; however, hard drives offer truly astounding storage capacity anywhere from 1TB to 15TB. You can find more about it on https://platinumdatarecovery.com/

2. Commendable Speed

An external drive works amazing as your boot (main) drive. It works great for the systems like Mac that otherwise have slower internal drives and takes a long time to finish processing. External drive, when connected with Firewire, makes a perfect pair and lets you allow easy working with large files.

3. Hassle-Free Portability

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With all the data stored on your computer device, you cannot think of moving it from here and there or carry around with you. But, it is possible in the case of an external HDD. You can move it from one location to the other and easily plug into any device you want to. You can even take it along on a trip or to your friends’ place.

4. Easy Usage

There is little to no complexity involved in the usage of an external hard drive. You simply plugin with the computer, laptop, tab, or other devices and it automatically gets detected. Windows and Apple both support external HDD and treat it exactly like it is an internal drive so you see it displayed as ‘drive’ on your system.

5. Flexibility

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There are abundant options for the purchase of external hard drives – you can buy them in different capacities as per your organization’s needs. You can even buy an empty enclosure and fit in any size of a hard drive. Also, you are free to store whatever type of file you want whether it is software or large videos.

6. Cost-Effectiveness

The benefits mentioned above are a sure-shot indication that external HDDs lead to significant savings in your storage costs over time. For the kind and limit of capacity these offer along with the speed of filing and retrieving of data, they are a worthy means to store your precious data. Besides, you don’t need physical files and drawers and your data is less subject to errors.

However, if your data is insanely large and you don’t want to pile up several individual drives on the desk, Drobo can be your perfect solution. It consists of multiple drive bays to be filled with identical hard drives offering greater fault tolerance capacity. Even if it fails or experiences any setbacks, you can always carry out Drobo data recovery with the assistance of some specialists.

7. It speeds up the computer

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Many programs can significantly slow down your computer and even disable its functions. Although it does not directly affect the speed of the computer or processor, some programs can do it very easily. Programs such as the famous Photoshop, which is very often used today in business, but also in private, for image editing, can slow down your computer if you do not have enough space, and also some of its functions can block for the same reason. That’s why HDD offers a solution to free up space from photos, videos, and other documents that you don’t need on a daily basis, while still being placed in a safe place.

8. What is the difference between HDD, SSD, and SSHD?

When it comes to capacity, the classic HDD is preferred, but the speed is on the side of the Solid State Drive (SSD), although the speed has its disadvantages which is that cells are “depleted” over time, so there is a possibility of capacity reduction much more often than is the case with HDD. The HDD tends to slow down, so it is necessary to defragment the disk from time to time, which is not necessary with the SSD. In addition to these two types of memory storage disks, we also have SSHD (Solid State Hybrid Drive), which is a combination of the previous two disks. However, since it has a very small capacity, in this case, it is out of the game.

9. Quality design

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You are probably of the opinion that external appearance is not important as long as the HDD works properly. However, you are mistaken, because here it is not a question of aesthetic nature, but the preservation of the external appearance for the smooth operation of the disk itself.

Disk mobility is one of its biggest advantages, but also a disadvantage because it can easily lead to physical damage during a fall, prolonged exposure to the sun, or exposure to other unpredictable situations such as accidental watering. For these reasons, the appearance is very important and a large number of discs are solid, many are made of metal and reinforced with additional fibers, although there are still many others – made of bad plastic, which many buy because their price is significant string, and capacity the same.