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Crafting an Effective Strategy: Choosing the Perfect VPS Server Subscription Plan

by Randall Hobgood

To be successful in the market, a trader needs to not only have profound knowledge of the economy but also react quickly to changes.

A VPS helps to create an effective trading strategy, and it speeds up the execution of orders, significantly increasing the chances of success compared to competitors.

Why Is VPS Needed for Forex Trading?

Why Is VPS Needed for Forex Trading?

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This technology allows working around the clock. A home computer can crash, but a virtual server cannot. It helps to avoid problems with the Internet or electricity, thus, the negative impact of external factors is minimized.

MyForex VPS (myforexvps.com/forex-vps-hosting) will help you choose the best VPS plan for your trading strategy, as they specialize in providing virtual servers for Forex trading.

VPS server plans allow you to use trading software anywhere and anytime, using various gadgets, including smartphones and PCs. This technology will be beneficial when using automated trading strategies as it helps to organize uninterrupted work.

Advantages of VPS

  • The ability to choose the most suitable subscription plan for the user;
  • High quality and performance;
  • Greater availability, especially when compared to physical servers.

The Best VPS Hosting Plans

The Best VPS Hosting Plans

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To create an effective trading strategy, you need to choose the most optimal VPS plan. Let’s have a closer look at different VPS server plans, depending on the specifics of the user’s trading.

  • Solo – This is the cheapest virtual server. It is best suited for beginners. Effective for up to 3 Forex terminals. This VPS plan is optimized for MT4/MT5 and has 2 GB of RAM, 2.3 GHz (1 core), 30 GB SSD, and Windows Server 2012/2016.
  • Pro VPS is the most popular option. It will be effective for up to 6 Forex terminals and has 3 GB of RAM, 2.3 GHz CPU (1 core), and 35 GB SSD.
  • A more professional Xpert VPS server will be useful for up to 10 Forex terminals and has 40 GB of SSD. The amount of RAM is increased to 4 GB. The server has a dual-core 4.6 GHz processor.
  • Guru VPS will be useful for experienced traders. It is convenient to work with the number of terminals from one to sixteen. The server is optimized for MT4/MT5. It has 6 GB of RAM, a 6.9 GHz triple-core processor, and a 50 GB SSD.
  • Ultra VPS is the most expensive and efficient plan for the most experienced traders. It will be suitable for up to 24 Forex terminals. A 9.2 GHz quad-core processor and 8 GB of RAM ensure maximum performance. This VPS hosting plan also comes with a 100 GB SSD.

What to Look for When Choosing a VPS Plan?

Such technologies have several advantages that can significantly improve the work of a trader. When choosing a VPS server plan, you should consider the following characteristics.

  • Latency rate – It is desirable to keep it as low as possible, for example, 0.5 milliseconds. This indicates the server’s speed. The higher it is, the faster the orders can be executed, which allows a trader to better respond to any changes in the market.
  • The quality of the server – It allows you to focus on trading rather than on system errors.
  • The speed of VPS plan activation – It is worth paying attention to those services that can be available within 15 minutes after paying for the order.
  • Protection against blocking by the data center.
  • Unlimited traffic for freer work on Forex.
  • The presence of an SSD drive that ensures high-quality trading without forced interruptions.
  • The VPS server plan should allow you to work with all Forex brokers, advisors, and terminals.
  • Maximum protection of the user’s personal information.
  • The quality of the technical support service.

Choosing a VPS Plan

Choosing a VPS Plan

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You can change subscription plans during work and even move your virtual server to other locations, but this will require some effort. Therefore, it is advisable to choose the most optimal VPS hosting plan that suits your needs right away.

When analyzing different offers, you should pay attention to the following parameters.


Although it is a virtual server, the location is still important. By this point, we usually mean a country, not a specific settlement.

It is advisable to place the server as close to users as possible, and this way, the access speed will be the highest. Network parameters also affect the choice of location, so pay attention to them as well.

Operating System

Here, users can choose between Windows and Linux. They must decide on the administration’s capabilities and their preferences, and particular attention should be paid to hardware requirements: processor, operating system version, and memory.

Type of Backup

Type of Backup

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Usually, providers offer free backups, but different VPS server plans may provide for varied time intervals, such as a week or a few days. More frequent backups are usually not free.

Managed or Unmanaged VPS

When renting a server, you should understand that it will be completely at the user’s disposal. This means that someone has to monitor its performance and operation. The best VPS hosting plans usually include such services, and it is called managed hosting.

The other option is unmanaged, which means that the user is responsible for the efficiency of the virtual server. For example, they need to configure the software and control panel. You also need to ensure the protection of the server.

A VPS server plan that includes support and maintenance requires additional work so that the user in such conditions already has the relevant knowledge. If you are not ready to devote time to this, it is better to choose a managed virtual server, and this way, the provider is responsible for its performance and will eliminate all possible inaccuracies in work.

Of course, a VPS plan with a managed server costs a little more, but the number of services is also greater.

Availability of Backup Resources

Availability of Backup Resources

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Backup resources allow the provider to quickly and efficiently solve problems with increased load. Thus, the server will be more productive and stable, without any failures.


Although the server is virtual, it still has a physical component. It is worth asking about its quality and period of operation. The equipment should be really powerful, from a reliable and reputable provider.

The Amount of Server Traffic

When choosing a VPS plan, you should pay attention to its capacity. The difference will be noticeable in the price, and therefore, you should first analyze your needs and decide on the optimal option for you among the best VPS hosting plans.


The advantages of this technology are obvious. A virtual server is cheaper than a physical one and more powerful than regular hosting.

The right VPS server plan helps to make more efficient use of trading opportunities. This, in turn, helps to increase a trader’s profits by improving their trading experience.