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Expanded List of Ladies Who Were Lucky to Date Vin Diesel

by Nebojša Vujinović

Start a conversation about the biggest action stars in Hollywood and the name of one Vin Diesel ought to pop out. With fame and fortune there came the popularity, and the one that counts the most is the one you have among the ladies. Have you ever wondered who are the women Vin Diesel dated?

Even if you haven’t, you’ll be glad to hear that this is something that interested us, so we compiled an extensive list of all the women Vin had in his life. Of course, we can only cover the ground of what happened once he was famous. As you’ll see he doesn’t have a specific taste, so it is no wonder his choices differ through the years. We’ll start with one less famous.

Paloma Jiménez

As we said, Vin has dated various women. Paloma is quite a beautiful one, but we know very little about her. What we do know is that he dated the Fats&Furious star and that she’s a model from Mexico.

Source: latimes.com

Maria Menounos

Back in 2006, the Xander Cage actor dated Maria Menounos. She is quite a celebrity as she’s well known beyond her relationship with the famed actor. Maria works as a TV personality hosting shows such as Extra and E! News. She was also a host of one Eurovision competition.

Source: facebook.com

Michelle Rodriguez

Like it’s usually the case, Vin dated one of his co-stars. Michelle Rodriguez is an actress, and you probably have heard about her. She stars next to Diesel in most movies from the Fast & Furious franchise. She doesn’t owe her success to Diesel as she starred in numerous movies including Avatar, Resident Evil, and Girlfight.

Source: zimbio.com

Karrine Steffans

The Riddick Chronicles actor had a fun love life, as his choices vary from TV potentialities, actresses, to models, and among other professions, he also dated an author. Steffans is best known for her series of books named Vixen. She also worked as a model appearing in more than 20 music videos.

Source: billboard.com

Carmen Electra

Like many before and after him, he managed to get tangled in a relationship with Carmen Electra. We can’t say anything about her that you already don’t know. The one fact that we do owe you is that their relationship was only rumored it was never confirmed.

Source: delish.com

Chanel Ryan

Another actress on Diesel’s list. He and Ryan dated briefly back in the 2000s. Her career exploded later as she landed numerous roles in movies and modeling gigs too. She now also dedicates her time to charity work as she’s a dedicated animal lover.

Source: geeksoncoffee.com

Elisa Jordana

Elisa is another TV and radio personality on The Last Witch Hunter’s list. She is a well-known name in the radio industry as she works with names such as Howard Stern. Elisa was also involved with a girl’s and boy’s band called Cobra Starship.

Kaya Jones

Jones is one of the most famous names on Diesel’s list. She’s a founding member of the world-known band The Pussycat Dolls. She also works as an actress and a model but also has found success in her solo career after the split from PCD. In recent years she also got politically involved and no less but with Donald Trump.

Source: sg.style.yahoo.com