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Even Members Of The Royal Family Have Their Nicknames: Here’s How They Call Each Other In Private Life

by Nebojša Vujinović

The British royal family has always been presented to the world as perfect, which, by the nature of things, it must be for the general public. Formal suits, expensive receptions, sleek attitude, porcelain and gold dishes, far from all the scandals of the “ordinary” world, are eternally interesting to the masses. However, behind their four, or much more, walls, they are just like any big and happy family.

As in every family, their relationships are intertwined, they have their own themes and habits, and even nicknames!

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There is still an anecdote on the Island when little Prince William fell and cried, “Gary, Gary,” to which a passerby asked who Gary was, and then Queen Elizabeth II appeared and, as elegant as she was, replied, ” I’m Gary. “

This nickname was created because Prince William, as a little boy while still learning to speak, could not pronounce “granny” correctly – which in English means grandmother, so one of the most powerful women in the world was nicknamed “Gary”.

It is she, Queen Elizabeth II, who has the lead in the number of nicknames in the royal family. In addition to the nickname mentioned above, her most famous nickname is “Lilibet” that she got from her father, her great-grandson calls her “Gan-Gan”, while her husband, the late Prince Philip, called her Cabbage.

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Prince William is the Pope for his children, and the oldest George also calls him Pops. The rest of the family calls him Will, while reporters once caught Kate Middleton calling him – Babe. The late Princess Diana called him Wombat. Their daughter, Princess Charlotte, was once called Minion by her father in front of the camera, while it is known that her mother calls her Lottie.

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It is known that Prince Harry’s wife Megan calls him H., while we have heard him talk about his beloved many times as Meg. Interestingly, Prince Charles came up with a very creative nickname for Megan Markle: Tungsten, because it is solid but flexible like this metal. Harry and Megan’s son Archie got the nickname Arch from his mother, and it is known that they both sometimes call him Baba. Their daughter Lilibet got the nickname Lili when she was born. 

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It is well known that Prince Charles and Camilla Parker have been called Fred and Gladys since the first days of their relationship, and the future King of Great Britain’s eldest grandson, Prince George, calls him Grandpa Wales.